Apple Approves its First 4K iPhone Video App and it’s Ridiculously Expensive

by on September 16, 2014

by Stephan Jukic September 16th, 2014

For just $999.99 USD, you can have your own powerful and very effective 4K video shooting App for iPhone 5s. That’s no typing error, it really does cost just a penny under $1000 dollars.

The app is called the Vizzywig 4K and it’s made by i4software for the sake of creating what are some admittedly great 4K video and photo shots on the iPhone 5. In essence, the app gives you a full 4K workflow system and filming capacity that you can easily use from the convenience of your 2013 iPhone model.

Unfortunately (apart from its insane price) the app only works on the iPhone 5 model and can only be used with iOS 7. So if you’ve forked over the $1000 (sorry, $999.99) dollars the makers of the application are asking for, don’t go upgrading to a new iPhone or new iOS any time soon.

Why doesn’t the app work in iOS 8? Seems bizarre no? Well, quite simple because the new Apple operating system for smart phones has in effect broken the app’s capacity to shoot photos in rapid succession or “burst mode” as it’s known. The iOS platform has its own burst mode but its far inferior to the Vizzywig 4K apps version which can shoot 24 images per second instead of the 10 of the iOS 8.

The reason why Vizzywig needs a much better “burst mode” capture rate of 24 photos per second is because the app performs the clever trick of not actually shooting 4K video in the proper sense. Instead, what it does is take a massive stream of 4K photographs that it then stitches together into a full video sequence. This is in contrast to a more typical 4K video camera on some of the other flagship smartphones made by other major manufacturers.

This rather roundabout method of creating 4K video is being used by Vizzywig because the app is trying to solve the fundamental problem of creating 4K movies on a smartphone that hasn’t been built for filming them but which can take photos in 4K resolution.

The full 8 megapixel sensor of the iPhone 5 can create raw uncompressed photos that easily have a 4K resolution and the Vizzywig takes advantage of this photo capacity to create some very impressive video sequences that actually have a not half bad smoothness to them. After all, the general frames per second rate of most real 4K video camcorders and DSLRs is only 30 fps and in some cases just 24 as well, meaning that the Vizzywig app is actually creating the same quality as a real Ultra HD 4K camcorder in a more efficient way.

The Vizzywig 4K app for iPhone 5 in action

The Vizzywig 4K app for iPhone 5 in action

Furthermore, the app offers the added benefit of capturing video at a rate of 72 MB per second, which nicely beats the actual 4K video cameras on other Ultra HD capable smartphones like the LG G3, which can only manage a measly 4 MB/second.

Furthermore, the app doesn’t just take videos and present them. It also lets you run a full editing package in which you can modify transition effects, color, brightness etc while also being able to add effects like title slides and scrolling credits. Furthermore, since you’re dealing with a system that actually takes 24 individual images per second in order to make its 4K “movies”, you can access, extract or edit each individual framer of your movies as an independent photo.

Nonetheless, even though the app really does deliver an enormous amount of 4K movie production and photo capture value, it’s still damn expensive as a way of getting your hands on 4K in your smartphone. While less capable, the native 4K movie capacities on other high end smartphones will cost you a lot less given that their price tags of roughly $1000 include both phone and 4K movies, not just a single application.

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