The New Apple 5K Retina iMac is one of the best deals on 4K display available

by on November 3, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – November 3, 2014

Buying a 4K display monitor is certainly getting cheaper. Many screens have gone from prices that just a year ago hovered above $2,000 to costing well below $1,000.

However, even with these massive price reductions, putting together or buying pre-built a desktop PC that includes and effectively handles 4K Ultra HD display can be very expensive. With all of the associated parts that need to come together, costs can run to well above $4,000 dollars.

This is what makes the new 5K Retina iMac such a potentially great deal for those who want a powerful computer that can not only handle the massive pixel count of Ultra HD resolution but is also built to do so out of the box.

The Retina iMac has a starting price of just $2,499 for its most basic model. Of course, more expensive versions can also be bought but even the basic package is filled with parts that would cost more to buy separately than what the whole iMac is selling for.

Currently, Apple’s basic iMac Retina 5K package comes with a 3.5 GHz quad-core i5 processor, 1TB Fusion drive, a 2GB AMD Radeon R9 M290X GPU and, of course, the massive resolution of the computer’s display. This is what a buyer gets for $2,499, but for incremental price increases the processor can be changed to a 4.0GHz quad-core i7, the GPU to a 4GB M295X and the HDD to a 3TB Fusion drive or even a 1TB SSD hard drive.

Bringing the new 5K Retina iMac up to a level that includes all of these maximal upgrades however does get a bit costly at $3,749 ($4,399 if the 1TB SSD drive is also included).

But even at these levels, we’re still looking at one very well priced piece of desktop technology. Comparable 4K PCs such as the models made by 4K gaming specialists like Origin PC come with a lot of GPU juice but in terms of their other specs are in some ways inferior to the Apple iMac and they still cost above $3,000.

the iMac's 5K Retina Display

the iMac’s 5K Retina Display

And for any consumer looking to build their own 4K (never mind 5K) PC from individual parts, the costs can easily go above $5,000 dollars.

Furthermore, there is the iMac’s biggest value for dollars spent, which is the display monitor itself. With a 5K resolution of 5120 x 2880 pixels and the ability to run at a full 60Hz even at this massive resolution, the monitor alone is pretty much worth the base price of the entire computer.

And to underscore this, we need only look at the retail price of the only other 5K monitor that’s coming out on the market I the next couple of months; Dell’s 27 inch UltraSharp 5K PC screen. It’s going to be retailing for $2,500 USD, and we’re talking about nothing more than a monitor.

Ultimately, for anyone interested in the best possible native Ultra HD resolution in an extremely powerful and already configured computing package, the iMac 5K Retina is the most unbeatable offer on the market right now, and it’s already available for purchase.

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