Another Benefit of the Royal Wedding UHD Broadcast: Half-Price 4K TVs From Sky

by on May 9, 2018

Stephan Jukic – May 9, 2018

The Royal Wedding between Prince Harry of the British Royal Family and Meghan Markle is basically the celebrity mega-event of early 2018 and it’s going to be getting a live broadcast on the 19th of May when it happens. Sky will be providing that coverage, in both HD and full 4K UHD versions and at least for the 4K coverage (available only to UK residents as far as we know right now), the satellite streaming company will be the only broadcaster delivering the UHD service to the subscribing public. The BBC and ITV will also be present with live coverage but strictly in lower resolutions.

In an effort to further boost promotion for their live 4K version of the event, Sky is now also offering deep discounts on its set-up fees and hardware upgrades for what you’d need to enjoy live entertainment in 4K resolution. Thus new subscribers to the company’s Sky Q service can get the service set up in their homes for just £20 instead of the more usual £70 if they buy one of Sky’s 2TB Q boxes.

Another Benefit of the Royal Wedding UHD Broadcast: Half-Price 4K TVs From Sky

Both new and existing subscribers to the Sky service get an even more robust additional type of discount in the form of 4K HDR TV upgrades at half price. Sky is offering a half-off discount on an LG 4K UHD HDR TV that UK customers can buy from them is they’re already subscribing to Sky Q. Thus, the TV in question drops from its MSRP of £599 to a pretty good price of £249 in this limited-time deal. Again, this offer, linked to here, is available to both new subscribers and existing Sky Q customers with the 2TB Q box.

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LG’s 43UK6300PLB model

As for the 4K TV in question, it’s one of LG’s 43UK6300PLB models (UK market model numbering). Based on what we know from many reviews of them about LG 4K LCD TVs in the lower end of the price spectrum, we don’t consider this model to be particularly spectacular but it is a solid overall performer on ultra HD resolution and decent brightness, with limited HDR capability and an IPS display panel with rather weak contrast as two of its notable weaknesses. Again though, at its new discount price, the 43 inch 4K UHD television is a good deal in terms of value per dollar (or Pound in this case) spent.

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