AMD’s new Radeon 300 series of 4K GPUs seems to outperform one of Nvidia’s best cards

by on June 18, 2015

Stephan Jukic – June 18, 2015

The very best that AMD and Nvidia have to offer, the Radeon Fury/ Fury X duo of cards and Nvidia’s GTX 890 Ti /Titan X duo are something we’ll be comparing very soon but for now, we can at least take a quick peak at how the two chipmakers’ second tier 4K GPUs face off against each other.

We’re referring here to the AMD 390 and 390X and how they fare in comparison to the Nvidia GTX 980 card from late 2014. Sure the AMD cards have just been released but they’re selling for nice retail prices that undercut those of the older GTX 980.

Now, down to business.

According to some of the latest reporting from Jason Evangelho at , the 4K gaming perfromance benchmarks from AMD are in and the edge definitely goes to AMD’s new Radeon 300 offerings. Again, these cards aren’t on the same level as the very latest and most powerful Radeon, the Fury and its liquid-cooled twin the Fury X, but they do promise great gaming at 4K resolutions and roughly compare to the GTX 980 GPU, Nvidia’s top second tier graphics card.

The Radeon 300 line is not as innovative as their superior Fury cousins and doesn’t include completely new internal architecture like High Bandwidth Memory, but it does pack a few interesting specs in the form of Virtual Super resolution and Frame Rate Targeting. Furthermore, AMD has definitely added more performance and power to the new GPUs Grenada XT (formerly Hawaii XT) processing core.

Even better, the 300 line also offers a doubled GDDR5 RAM of 8GB.

However, one of the best improvements to the Radeon 390X and 390 is that they’re cheaper GPUs despite their enhanced performance, and they both certainly cost a lot less than AMD’s slightly older but immensely powerful dual processor Radeon 295X2 graphics card.

The 390X has launched for $429 and this puts it nicely below the Nvidia GTX 980, which sells right now for $499 despite already being a bit of an older graphics card. And as for the Radeon 390, it’s retail price is an absolutely awesome $329, according to the latest price specs.

What makes these prices all the more impressive is the performance these GPUs give is nothing short of awesome per dollars spent. In terms of frame rates benchmarks across several different PC games at 4K resolution, the Radeon 390X and even the 390 outperformed their Nvidia counterpart according to the internal test results put out by AMD itself.

We’re talking here about superior frame rates at high 4K detail settings on a wide variety of games from heavily processor intensive playing with “The Witcher 3” to much less processor intensive gameplay on games like  “Sniper Elite 3” and “Skyrim”.

What’s exceptionally surprising about those AMD benchmarks is that even the Radeon 390 did better than the GTX 980 on several 4K games at high to ultra-detail levels. That the 390X should pull this off is to be expected given its specs but the 390 is definitely the lesser of the two cards and nearly $200 cheaper than Nvidias 2014 GTX 980, but despite those factors, it delivered higher frame rates than the GTX 980 on several games.

The specs for the new range of ADM Radeon 300 GPUs

The specs for the new range of ADM Radeon 300 GPUs

Of course, we’re talking about AMDs own internal benchmarks here, so they have to be taken with a bit of caution. However, since the manufacturer knows that plenty of people will be duplicating their tests now that the 300 series is on sale, they can’t manipulate testing accuracy too much if at all.

Finally, the apparent high performance of the Radeon 300 series definitely bodes well for AMD’s top-shelf Radeon Fury cards. These are the direct competitors to Nvidia’s GTX 980 Ti and TITAN X GPUs, and there’s a good chance they too outperform their rivals.

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