Meet “Project Quantum”, from AMD: the Dual “Fiji XT” GPU with absolutely mind-blowing 4K processing power

by on June 16, 2015

Stephan Jukic – June 16, 2015

The AMD E3 show is currently running and the renowned chip maker has released an absolute powerhouse of a compact PC device. We’re talking about the “Project Quantum” machine and damn does it ever feature some serious computing power. Inside this tiny, highly portable unit (measuring only about 10 inches by 10 inches) are two full Fiji XT cores, offering an astonishing 17 teraflops of total computational power!

What this means is that the Quantum PC has got to be the first commercial device for the consumer market that is absolutely capable of handling 100% of al all video, gaming and other media applications and formats in full 4K at a full 60fps or even more without a single problem.

The Quantum Project PC prototype was shown recently in full working condition by AMD and was even tested by a correspondent from the website, according to their own article on the PC.

The Quantum device is not only insanely powerful, it’s also very small and super quiet, while apparently being completely capable of staying highly cool during even intense processing runs and high level 4K gameplay at maximum settings. Furthermore, its small size makes it not only easy to fit into any PC-ready alcove, studio, bedroom, living room or office, the device also looks really aesthetic in a minimalist, nicely utilitarian way.

While AMD hasn’t yet released an enormous amount of detail about the inner workings of the Project Quantum device, we do know that its designed to handle all sorts of 4K graphics rendering and absolute high end computing without any sort of fuss and that it’s built to handle flexible, full connectivity with third party 4K monitors and other external devices. This machine represents a definite leap upwards from more conventional but still hardcore 4K-ready Graphics cards like the Radeon 295X2 or the Nvidia Titan X.

Project quantum 4K gaming PC prototype

However, the biggest inner difference between the Quantum and these other GPUs is that unlike them, with their performance issues when it comes to UHD graphics in high detail settings and at very high frame rates, the Quantum is supposedly genuinely built to truly handle 4K graphics the way they’re supposed to be handled, naturally and glitch free at any normal settings.

This is thanks to those two internal Fiji XT cores, welded together into a single dual GPU arrangement and offering a whopping 14 to 17 TeraFlops of of power. Furthermore, this processing power is augmented by 8GB of HBM memory whose DirectX 12 augmentation should provide more than enough for any kind of 4K gameplay.

Once again, AMD’s new 4K-ready “Quantum” PC is just a prototype for now, but when it does go on sale, we can expect some serious market disruption to occur, assuming no one else is also working on releasing something similar soon.

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