Amazon’s 4K Entertainment Streams To Hit Samsung TVS in October

by on August 29, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – August 30th 2014

Samsung has recently announced that it has made a special, for now exclusive content deal with Amazon that will allow its 2014 line of Ultra HD 4K TVs to receive and deliver Amazon Studio’s newly created 4K UHD content streams starting in October.

As we’ve already reported here before, Amazon had pledged at the beginning of 2014 to film all of its new content as of this year in native 4K resolution for later streaming to TVs and other displays capable of handling the pixel count. Now these efforts are finally bearing some fruit thanks to the new partnership with electronics giant Samsung, which is a pioneer in the creation of 4K hardware and particularly TVs.

According to details from a statement released by Samsung very recently, the first Amazon Studios UHD streams will be watchable through a new application that is being installed in Samsung’s entire line of 2014 Smart TVs. The app is going to be rolling out as of October on a global scale according to the company and if this is true then it means that the 4K content streamed by Amazon to Samsung TVs will be available everywhere people have a Samsung 4K TV in their homes. Hopefully, there won’t be any issues about content limitations for different territories.

So far there aren’t any details about what kind of additional cost (if any) the Amazon UHD platform will have and we’re also not yet sure just what kind of content the Amazon Video On Demand 4K service will deliver. However, given Amazon’s earlier in the year pledge to film its own shows in 4K, we should at least see these being ready for Samsung TV owners. Rumors claim that there will also be some remastered 4K movies available right off the bat when the service opens.

If even this limited selection of content is available in 4K, then Amazon will be beating its closest UHD stream rival Netflix, given that the online movie delivery giant so far only offers two TV shows (Breaking Bad and House of Cards) and a couple of movies in streaming 4K. This despite having had its 4K streaming service running since April of this year.

Samsung is almost certainly making this deal and timing the announcement of it for the end of August because of the upcoming IFA Trade and technical convention in Berlin, Germany, which will be opening in early September. A number of key players in the sale of 4K technology are expected to announce new products and services related to the ultra HD resolution format and Samsung’s partnership with Amazon is a clear effort at maximizing exposure and consumer preference for Samsung brand 4K TVs.

Furthermore, the deal with Amazon is just one of the deals that Samsung is making. The company has also announced that it will be bringing its own proprietary 4K video Pack to Europe once the IFA show finishes. The UHD Video Pack is an effort by Samsung to bring more UHD content on to the market for its 4K TVs and because of this the Video Pack features a fairly decent selection of some 40 4K movies, including major Hollywood hits such as Start Trek: Into Darkness. All of these films that form the content of the Video Pack are pre-loaded onto a Samsung UHD media player with 500GB of content capacity.

And to top things off in terms of pre-IFA promotion of its 4K products, Samsung is also claiming that its Ultra HD TVs sold in Europe will also deliver 4K content from Spanish content provider, German VOD service Maxdome and Italian content distributor CHILI.

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