Amazon Prime Is Going 4K and will be Streaming its Instant Video Service to Android

by on August 14, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – August 14th, 2014

Following in the footsteps of Netflix with its filming and remastering for video content in native 4K UHD resolution, Amazon Prime Instant Video will be taking its streaming service of UHD content and bringing it to Android devices at last. The company also explained that they will now start streaming content in 4K resolution format in general.

According to Russell Morris, director of Amazon Instant Video Marketing, an Android app version of the video service provided by the company is “imminent” and will also be available in 4K resolution. Though if the streaming to Android will be available for both smartphones and tablets or just one of the two formats remains unclear for the moment.

Amazon is now shooting all of its original video content such as sponsored shows and movies produced by Amazon studios in native 4K Ultra HD resolution at 3,840 x 2,160 pixels and will soon begin streaming everything they produce on the UHD scale.

Morris also confirmed that the Internet sales giant has a dedicated team working on making sure that their 4K content is of the highest quality and overall entertainment value for subscribers of their Prime service.

So far, the company has already released the series Extant, starring Halle Berry in 2014 but will soon also start putting forth two more shows that it’s shooting in 4K for 2014. Another two series are also due to be released on Prime in 2015 and presumably they will also be both shot and streamed to audiences in 4K resolution.

The company has previously pledged that it would ensure all of its future content creations as of 2014 would be filmed in Ultra HD resolution and has also previously promised to stream in the same format for those of its customers who are willing to enjoy the crystal clear display format and have the TVs or display monitors available to handle 4K resolution.

Given that Netflix, UltraFlix (of Califronia based NanoTech), Comcast, DirecTV and a number of other broadcasters and content producers are all promising to stream 4K content or are already streaming it to their existing customers, the pressure on Amazon to do the same is constant and serious.

4K resolution still occupies a small margin of the entertainment content ecosystem in comparison to what’s still available only in Full HD or the even smaller SD but the quantity and quality of 4K movies and show is growing every day as new video gets shot or remastered from original big screen format film.

While problems with transmission of the very large data streams of 4K resolution still remain with many lower powered internet connections, both ISPs and companies such as Netflix, Google and Amazon are working to fix these problems by either offering superior web connectivity or compressing their content streams better through new codecs such as HEVC and Google’s V9.

As for how well the 4K streaming content that Amazon produces will play on 4G and web connected Android tablets and smartphones, we’ll just have to see. Either way, until both of these mobile devices become available with 4K resolution screens, most consumers will likely stream Prime and other 4K content in regular HD.

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