Amazon offering pre-Black Friday deals on many of its 200+ 4K Blu-ray titles

by on November 7, 2016

Stephan Jukic – November 7, 2016 has been busy with consumer 4K UHD product promotions in the days leading up to Black Friday. The company first offered a deal on the Xbox One S, which consisted of a free game inclusion with the console in which combinations like an Xbox One S 1TB model being offered with Fifa 17 or a 500GB One S model with Gears of War 4 for $299.99. Now Amazon is also putting up deals on the numerous 4K ultra HD Blu-ray disc selections being sold on their site.

The company’s listing of titles is pretty much the largest on the web today and consists of dozens of premium major Blockbuster movies from 4K Blu-ray participating studios like Warner, Universal, Sony Pictures and Paramount among others. Some of the titles listed for sale in 4K Blu-ray with HDR include The Bourne movies, Underworld, Resident Evil, Argo, I am Legend, Hunger Games, Mad Max and numerous other 4K video titles, some of them rather amusingly and blandly esoteric indeed. In any case, the selection of movies is huge and makes for a perfect holiday gift or personal purchase for owners of 4K ultra HD TVs who don’t happen to have access to the kind of internet connectivity needed for streaming 4K ultra HD content directly from sources like Netflix on the web. Owners of High Dynamic Range 4K TVs can also enjoy Amazon’s selection of UHD Blu-ray blockbuster titles since all of the movies being released by the major participating studios come with built-in HDR10 formatting for a content color and contrast experience like nothing you’ll ever see on any non-HDR 4K UHD TV.

Furthermore, with the above also mentioned deals on Microsoft’s Xbox One S, you can get your hands on a console whose gaming chops are accompanied by 4K UHD Blu-ray disc support as well (if you don’t already have a 4K BD player next to your TV).


The widespread discounts on Amazon’s 4K Blu-ray titles do mean price savings but these movies are of course still pricier than regular DVD or HD Blu-ray formats. Many of the 4K HDR versions of blockbuster movies being posted on the site however have fallen dramatically in price from earlier in the year or prior to Amazon’s posting of discounts in the lead-up to Black Friday. Thus, you can get copies of movies like “The Martian”, “The Hunger Games” and “The Bourne Supremacy” for less than $20, with many of the movies selling for $17 to $18. Some 4K HDR titles are selling for even less at $13.99 or so.

We have no doubt that Amazon will be posting more pre-Black Friday deals and sales offerings on the day itself in the following weeks, so we’ll be keeping you posted on the latest sale developments that emerge, especially for new 4K TVs and media devices.

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