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Amazon Is Doing A Massive Sale On 4K Blu-Rays That’s Absolutely Worth Exploring

by on March 5, 2018
Stephan Jukic – March 5, 2018

If you happen to own a 4K ultra HD TV and love watching your favorite stuff in native ultra HD resolution) when or if you can find it that is, then 4K ultra HD Blu-ray discs are the single most solid platform you can get your hands on. Yes, streaming is usually cheaper and easier to get set up but it can sometimes break down due to bad internet connectivity or content access issues. 4K Blu-rays on the other hand are playable anywhere worldwide and will give you a 100% perfect 4K resolution and HDR experience no matter your internet connection speed. In fact, playback of movies in 4K resolution with HDR mastering looks better on disc than it does with pretty much any streaming platform anyhow.

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Most importantly though, if you’re one of several tens of millions of Americans or millions of other people worldwide who don’t live in an area with high-speed broadband access, then 4K Blu-ray becomes vital for using your UHD TV as it was really meant to be used. For these reasons among several others, getting one of the many increasingly affordable UHD Blu-ray players out there (or an Xbox One S or One X) and getting your 4K HDR disc collection started as soon as possible is one really good idea.

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Luckily, on this front, Amazon is lending its customers a little bit of a hand right now with a huge 4K Blu-ray disc sale for numerous titles among its collection of several hundred movies in this format. Yes, 4K Blu-ray remains on the expensive side compared to its HD counterpart, but offers like this one from Amazon offer a serious bit of savings. Right now, the website is offering up any three 4K Blu-ray titles for just $49.99 and like we said, the list of available movies is pretty damn impressive.


This means any 4K disc for just $16.66 (aside from taxes and shipping). In other words, less than the typical price of a new release HD Blu-ray release. It’s the cheapest price we’ve seen yet for 4K HDR Blu-ray selections which include dozens upon dozens of new release major studio titles.

Whether you like classic comedies, action movies, dramas or whatever else, the available ultra HD Blu-ray titles with HDR are there with some pretty awesome choices.

Here are several suggestions of our own:

Sci Fi Classics:

terminator 2 4k

Action and Adventure:



Virtually all 4K UHD Blu-ray titles come with native high dynamic range mastering, so if your 4K TV happens to be an HDR model, the resulting visuals will probably blow you away. As for their 4K resolution, we offer a little bit of a warning here. Some 4K Blu-ray movies were actually shot in 2K and upscaled to a pretty presentable simulated 4K resolution. Others were filmed with native 4K or higher resolutions. In practical viewing terms, the difference is pretty small but if this is something that bothers you, we also recommend this site for finding out which resolution any movie you want was done in.

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