Age Of Empires To Conquer PCs On February 20th In 4K Resolution

by on January 20, 2018
Stephan Jukic – January 20, 2018

The delay has been going on for four months and counting but fans of the Age Of Empires franchise can finally  look forward to one more major update to the extremely popular game this coming February. It’s going to be getting its PC release with new 4K ultra HD graphics, improved audio and online play options as of the 20th.

Age Of Empires has been a giant of PC strategy gaming since  the 90s and the remastered 4K PC release for February 20th will have graphics of a whole new caliber ready for fans of this old game according to Microsoft’s very recent announcement for the upcoming remaster. Aside from the visual spectacle of playing the world conquering strategy game at a level of detail they’ve never even come close to seeing from Age Of Empires before, fans of the game can also look forward to a new orchestral score for the game, narration options for single player games and the major bonus of online multiplayer gaming support via the Xbox Live service.


All of this will be coming in the new Age Of Empires Definitive Edition and best of all, the whole package with 4K in-game visuals and all will sell for only $20.

The list of major improvements for the Definitive Edition goes as follows:

  • Completely rebuilding assets for a modern 4K presentation
  • Letting you play online with Xbox LIVE (in addition to LAN play)
  • Re-recorded the original soundtrack with a new orchestral score
  • Adding campaign narration for every mission
  • Enhancing the campaign and scenario editor, which allows anyone to make original custom campaigns for the game, by letting players easily share them with other players around the world via

Microsoft is promising that the above and “more” features will:

“outline the many quality of life gameplay improvements we’ve added – all while retaining the original feel and unique gameplay that made Age of Empires so special for so many.”

Obviously enough, players who want to really enjoy what’s coming in its full native resolution will have to own a 4K UHD PC monitor and enough GPU power to handle the graphics, though this last part shouldn’t be too problematic since 4K strategy games like AoE need a lot less Graphics card power than first-person action games in ultra HD tend to.

The company is also promising to open up multiplayer beta for more users worldwide as of January 29th so that fans can get a taste of what to expect before the official February 20th release. You can sign up for this particular invitation at the website.


This new 4K UHD Definitive Edition of AoE was originally slated for an October, 2017 release in time for the 20th anniversary of the first ever version of this game but this was cancelled so that developers could (according to Microsoft) “ensure that the Age of Empires: Definitive Edition that we are delivering is the Definitive Edition that you want.”

The Age of Empires franchise has been insanely addictive for its fans if sales figures are anything to go by. Since its first release to 2008, over 20 million games have been sold and prior to this upcoming February 20th 4K edition, a whole new version called Age of Empires IV was last released in August of 2017, though without the same degree of extensive augmentations we’re going to be seeing for this newest version.

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