Check out this impressive 4K drone footage of the immense Tesla Motors Factory in California

by on August 5, 2015

Stephan Jukic – August 05, 2015

If you look closely, you might also want to decide if you’re looking at some of Tesla’s upcoming Model X electric SUVs.

A drone buff by the name of Stephen Powelson recently flew a DJI Phantom 3 drone straight over Tesla massive battery factory in Fremont, California and made some rather impressive 4K video of his drone’s adventure.

However, soon after posting the ultra HD Phantom drone footage, Powelson was warned by online commenters that he might be in legal trouble for the overflight. Nonetheless, the video creator explained that this isn’t likely to be the case with Tesla having any sort of problem since he himself was an employee of the company for five years and knows many of the staff at the futuristic factory quite well.

The video itself really demonstrates the enormous size of Tesla’s giant electric car factory. With a total area of 5.3 million square feet, the assembly facility for Tesla’s highly advanced electric car batteries is nothing short of gigantic even by the standards of many other factories. However, this size itself is nothing compared to the immense 10 million square foot second factory the same company might be building in the Nevada desert, which is still in the proposal stages.

Furthermore, the video shows off some rather interesting little details, aside from its impressive overview of this pinnacle of modern industrial technology: for one thing, we can see that Elon Musk doesn’t have any solar panels installed anywhere on the roof to reduce the factory’s electrical consumption, this despite his company SolarCity being a manufacturer of solar array energy panels. Secondly, at the 1:44 mark in the video, fans of Tesla’s highly acclaimed Model S all-electric cars can see what look to be a few of the upcoming new Model X SUVs that Tesla is releasing.

Tesla Motors was founded by billionaire technology pioneer Elon Musk and is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of luxurious and highly functional all-electric cars.

You can check out the video right here:

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