Acer’s stunning new BM320 4K PC Monitor has no bezels and looks fantastic

by on June 9, 2016

Stephan Jukic – June 09, 2016

Most 4K UHD PC monitors deliver stunning display performance but often, despite pulling this off, they don’t quite look as cool as we’d like to see. This applies particularly to brands like Acer, Dell and Asus, whose monitors definitely tend towards thick bezels. In fact, soe of the only 4K PC monitor brands to take stylish looks seriously on a regular basis seem to be the big 4K TV makers, Samsung and LG in particular.

Well now it seems a brand like Acer has taken a page from the TV makers’ design manual, with their new BM320 4K PC monitor which is expected to come out in 2016. This remarkably elegant looking piece of 4K PC display technology is so far the best version we’ve seen of Acer’s new “ZeroFrame” product branding for their monitors and it rally lives up to its brand name. With a design and specs which are aimed at graphic arts and visual editing professionals, the BM320’s very large 32 inch display panel feels all the roomier due to a complete absence of edge bezelling along the two vertical sides and top of the screen. Only one bezel with the Acer logo frames the bottom of the 320’s display space.

The 4K UHD BM320 Monitor from Acer

The 4K UHD BM320 Monitor from Acer

Aside from a look that reminds us a lot of recent LG 4K monitor’s we’ve reviewed, the BM320 also comes with some excellent visual chops according to Acer. The monitor is capable of rendering 100% of the sRGB spectrum, 100% of the Rec709 color space a stunning 100% of the AdobeRGB color gamut spectrum and, most impressively, 90% of th DCI-P3 digital cinema color space. This last spec in particular puts the BM320’s color rendering capacity on the same level as that of the latest and best HDR 4K TVs for 2016.

The BM320 will also offer up some high peak brightness and deep rich black tones. Furthermore, Acer claims full 10-bit color support and factory pre-tuning to ensure a Delta-E of less than 2, which means very high out-of-the-box color accuracy for the BM320. In other words, at least from these specs alone, this particular model looks like it won’t disappoint those who are serious about highly precise visual design editing it when the monitor comes out.

Acer hasn’t yet released price or release date specs on the BM320 but we doubt it’s going to be cheap when it emerges. The monitor was first presented at the Computex electronics event in Taiwan at the end of May 2016.

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