Acer’s New 144Hz G-Sync 4K HDR Monitor Is Here, But Pricey As Hell

by on May 21, 2018
Stephan Jukic – May 21, 2018

The Acer Predator X27 4K HDR monitor is finally here and in terms of consumer ultra HD displays, it’s about as cutting-edge as these things get. However, it’s also one damn expensive piece of 27 inch PC display technology at $2000.

4K monitors in general and even those with Nvidia G-Sync or AMD FreeSync technology for PC gaming precision have gone down quite a bit in price during the last couple of years. Some of the more basic models can even be bought for less than $400 if you look for the right deals at the right moment. However, for those of you who want the absolute best, with a full 144Hz refresh rate (something that most 4K monitors still lack, the majority of them still being stuck at 60Hz) and full HDR display specs along with the ultra HD and GPU synching technology mentioned above, the price jumps enormously, as the finally, released, highly anticipated Acer Predator’s price tag shows.


However, for a certain very serious subset of the high refresh rate PC gamer’s market that wants 4K graphics and all those extra frame rates, the X27 is just what they’ve been looking for and plenty of consumers will be able to willing to fork over the cash for its high price tag. Most crucially, this monitor lets its owners combine truly high caliber 4K HDR graphics with frame rates of above 60fps. Up until recently, it was only possible to either choose 1440p or 1080p resolution monitors with 144Hz refresh or stick with 60Hz but get 4K, and maybe HDR. The Predator X27 changes all that in one very impressive way.

And this is one spectacular monitor in the details behind its headline specs too. Offering 3840 x 2160p resolution and its 144Hz refresh rate, it also delivers over 99% coverage of the wider Adobe RGB color gamut, 10-bit HDR color support and DCI-P3 color space coverage of over 90%. If these specs for HDR color aren’t impressive enough, the new X27 also manages a whopping 1000 nits of peak brightness (higher than what most premium 4K HDR TVs can deliver) and multiple local dimming zones. No other consumer market monitor offers these exact powerhouse specs at this time and maybe for this reason Acer feels no compunctions about that $2000 price tag.

Connectivity specs in the X27 include multiple HDMI 2.0 ports, DisplayPort 1.4, a USB hub with four USB-A 3.0 ports and adjustability for tilt, swivel and height. There are also VESA mounts built into it.

Acer Predator X27 4K HDR 144Hz 1

Another interesting thing about the Predator X27 is that it comes with an IPS display panel. These are usually reserved for non-gaming monitors but in this case, the company managed to make the IPS work quickly enough to deliver the kind of response time that 4K gamers would want with all those other specs in the X27. The IPS also serves to ensure very broad viewing angles and more uniform color rendering.

We should note here that very, very few GPUs can come close to handling even 60Hz refresh rates in 4K resolution for any highly detailed games and even the very best Nvidia GPUs in existence today can’t quite reach 144Hz in 4K resolution as individual units. In other words, even for fairly hardcore 4K PC gamers, many of this monitor’s frame rate capacity will remain unused unless they downgrade their resolution to 1440p or 1080p depending on their GPU setup.

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The Acer Predator X27 4K HDR 144Hz monitor isn’t shipping quite yet but it is available from select online retailers for pre-order.

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