The Acer B286HK: A high end but extremely Affordable new 4K Monitor

by on August 5, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – August 5th, 2014

Up until recently, pretty much any 4K PC monitor of any type would have taken at least a couple of thousand dollars out of your credit card or bank account.  This is no longer the case. With intense competition among several name-brand 4K screen manufacturers playing off against further competition from numerous smaller makers based out of China and other countries, the price of 4K display technology is falling across the board, especially for display monitors.

Until recently, the cheapest of these newer discounted cost monitors would have cost you at least $700 but now even that’s more than you need to pay, thanks to name-brand 4K pioneer Acer and its newest PC screen, priced at just $599 MSRP.

With the catchy model name of the B286HK, the latest 4K monitor from Acer offers you a nicely sized 28 inch screen, super high 3,840 x 2,169 UHD resolution and also comes with LED backlighting technology for maximal contrast and brilliance. This screen is absolutely ideal for professionals who need to view design specs, spreadsheets and graphic design projects in the maximum amount of crystal clear, beautifully colored detail.

Gamers can also enjoy its low price tag for the sake of their favorite games, most of which are completely 4K compatible these days.

Other powerful display specs include a Acer ComfyView non-glare protection for the elimination of annoying background light reflections and a 100 million: 1 maximum contrast ratio for optimal clarity. Additionally, the response time on the machine is a useful 2 milliseconds, which is ideal for smooth movement of fast action video and games. The 16:9 aspect ratio 300 cd/m brightness and 1.07 billion color support all work together to also deliver extremely vibrant visual imagery whenever it’s needed.

This Acer monitor also doesn’t lag in terms of its connectivity. It offers ports for HDMI, MHL, DVI DisplayPort and even comes with Mini DisplayPort. It also comes with an included USB 3.0 hub that will make connecting assorted devices very easy for those of you whose PC itself is already using all of its USB ports for something.

Other excellent features of the B286HK include built-in stereo speakers that unfortunately come with only 2 watts of rated power output, and a VESA mounting capability for the monitor.

In terms of appearance, this monitor doesn’t disappoint. It’s surrounded by a smooth grey narrow bezel and its main physical controls are unobtrusively located at the bottom right corner of the screen. The neck, and base are sturdily built by the look of them and unlikely to easily cause a collapse or bad balancing of the whole unit. Furthermore, the support system of the monitor is quite versatile:

The stand for this monitor can be adjusted for various degrees of swivel, tilt, height and pivot. Which isn’t at all bad considering the low price of the B286HK.

4K monitor prices have undergone spectacular drops in recent months and in terms of value per dollar spent, the Acer B286HK is probably one of the best on the market so far.

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