According to the WSJ, Sony is revealing not one but two new PlayStation versions

by on August 22, 2016

Stephan Jukic – August 22, 2016

So first of all there will be the 4K UHD PlayStation Neo we’ve all been hearing about for months now and alongside it, Sony will also unveil a new slimmer version of the current PS4, at least according to reporting from the Wall Street Journal.

The news of these two new releases comes in the wake of recent online images that apparently showed a smaller, slimmer PlayStation 4 model which many users had even thought may possibly be leaked photos of the PlayStation Neo itself. The reported new compact version of the PS4 without the reported 4K specs of the Neo will also cost less aside from being smaller. Without naming a specific price, a source referenced by the Wall Street Journal claims the console will be “less expensive” than the current $350 device. The PS 4 Neo console on the other hand is widely expected to cost more than the current PlayStation 4, possibly about $399.

According to the WSJ’s sources, Sony is hoping to attract both hard-core fans of the PS4 platform and new casual users with the two new console versions. We can also safely assume that the new PlayStation Neo in particular is aimed at being a competitor to either Microsoft’s newly released Xbox One S game console with 4K video playback or Microsoft’s planned Project Scorpio 4K gaming console.



The reported new slimmed down PlayStation 4K model

The reported new slimmed down PlayStation 4K model


Whatever the case may be Sony is going to be revealing details about both PlayStation consoles at a “PlayStation Meeting” event in Ney York City on the afternoon of September 7th and WSJ is claiming that Sony has cut production of the current PlayStation 4 console in anticipation of its release of these two new revamped versions, one of which will supposedly be the same as the existing PS4 but in a smaller form factor. The production cut  information is based on the fact that several major e-commerce sites in Japan, including Sony’s own Japanese e-store, are now out of stock on units of the PlayStation 4’s existing model.

Sony has already officially confirmed the existence of their PlayStation Neo console and has also said that the device will offer faster processing speed, better graphics and support for 4K UHD gaming. However, Sony also says that the upcoming PS Neo will be fully compatible with existing PS4 games and that all new game releases for the foreseeable future will be compatible across all variations of the PS4 console.

Sony CEO Andrew House has also underscored these claims by stating that the upcoming Neo console is being built “to sit alongside and complement the standard PS4”. However, House has not yet mentioned the third PS4 model that the WSJ is reporting on and the only thing we know for sure is that the Neo is definitely coming soon and that both it and the regular PlayStation 4 will be sold side by side “throughout the life cycle” of the platform, according to House.

On a final note, the new PlayStation 4 consoles from Sony –and the PS 4 Neo in particular—are all apparently part of a larger company effort in the direction of much more deeply immersive gaming. Yet another pillar of these developments includes the PlayStation VR headset, which is slated for introduction in October of 2016.

Sony's PlayStaiton VR headset

Sony’s PlayStaiton VR headset

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