According to the latest findings from IHS, 4K TV penetration will hit 35% as of 2019

by on December 10, 2015

Stephan Jukic – December 10, 2015

All the evidence so far from just about any source you can look at unambiguously shows that 4K UHD TVs are a definite growth market, and the latest research findings from consulting firm IHS clearly further underscore this idea.

According to the results of the company’s study, U.S household penetration of 4K ultra HD TVs will leap to a full 34% by 2019, with most 50 inch or larger TVs sold in the U.S by 2017 being 4K models as well.

Furthermore, the IHS research indicates that the U.S penetration rate in 2019 will exceed the penetration rates of all other major markets by 2019. The company has cited the “comparatively strong economy and consumer penchant for large screen TVs” as reasons for this growth in the American market.

Other findings from the study by IHS show that the gains in the 4K TV market will largely be driven by massive price declines in 4K TV panels of all sizes and that as a result, 4K TVs themselves will indeed become much more affordable than they are even now, in the wake of dramatic price cuts since their initial surges in popularity back at the end of 2013 and the beginning quarters of 2014.


As for other major markets, 4K TV penetration will be smaller but nonetheless significant in many regions. IHS predicts a penetration rate of roughly 25% for the European Union market by 2019, thanks to a more advanced climate of UHD content services from internet, satellite and pay-TV providers. The European country with the deepest penetration is expected to be Switzerland at 32%, followed by the UK at 31% 4K TV penetration in homes.

As for Asian markets, Japan is, somewhat oddly, expected  to see penetration by 4K TVs of only 14% and the reasoning of the research firm for this somewhat counterintuitive finding is that most Japanese households already have very new HD TVs and aren’t likely to replace them so quickly. Despite this, Japanese broadcasters and even government broadcasting bodies have some of the world’s most ambitious 4K content delivery projects planned for the next 4 to 5 years.

As for the largest market in Asia, China, overall 4K UHD TV penetration there is expected to reach 24% in 2019. Many Chinese electronics manufacturers like Xiaomi, Hisense and others are key players in China’s domestic market of highly affordable 4K UHD TVs which are in many cases relatively unknown on the U.S market, where big brands like Sony, LG and Samsung dominate.

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