According to Amazon leak, PlayStation 4K coming in October for $439

by on July 15, 2016

Stephan Jukic – July 15, 2016

Amazon seems to have “accidentally” leaked the specific price tag and release date of the much anticipated PlayStation Neo 4K gaming console, thus confirming a 2016 launch (though still far from officially).

According to the recent Amazon listings leak, the 4K-ready console will be coming in October of 2016 and will retail for a remarkably decent price of $439. This of course isn’t as cheap as the price for the upcoming (to be released in August) Microsoft Xbox One S 4K-ready gaming console update, whose cheapest version will retail for just $299 but it’s still a remarkably good price for the quasi-next generation Sony gaming console that is the PS Neo.

We of course can’t confirm that the Amazon leak is absolutely true but it has plenty more credibility than previous PS4K leaks and even these older rumors ended up being largely true, so if you’ve been looking forward to actually getting your hands on the 4K-capable new PS console as soon as it’s available, we’d say it’s a good idea to start saving extra pennies in anticipation of an October release.

Now, moving onto some of th more meaty details of this leak, according to the website VG Leaks, Amazon Spain accidentally listed a rather odd PlayStation 4K console model for 399 Euros (equal to about $439 US dollars) and an October 13, 2016 release date.

The listing for the possible PS4K

The listing for the possible PS4K

The listing was shortly thereafter pulled off the site again but it is indeed odd considering that the normal PS4 is already listed on the sit and for a slightly different price depending on whether you’re looking at the 500Gb or 1 terabyte model. Furthermore, the October release date obviously doesn’t match the normal PS4’s availability.

Thus, the leak in question could either mean that this was an accidental reveal on the PlayStation 4K Neo or an accidental early leak for the also upcoming PlayStation Slim that is expected to go on sale this year as well.

The evidence does point towards the PS Neo and to an October release since this is also when the PlayStation VR headset has been officially cited for release by Sony itself. Furthermore, the French gaming distributor Innelec, which has certain dealings with Sony’s consumer electronics divisions has also indicated that the PS4K is coming in October.

Furthermore, recently leaked Sony internal slides also show the company mandating that all PS4 games released on or after October offer support for the PlayStation 4 Neo. These varied details put a lot of weight to that month as the release date.

The PlayStation Neo isn’t supposed to be a completely next-generation gaming console from Sony. Instead, the device offers considerably enhanced CPU and GPU power over its predecessor and is designed to run existing and upgraded Sony PS4 games. In fact, the PS Neo won’t even have its own dedicated games as far as we know to-date.

We will be waiting until the Tokyo Game Show 2016 to see if Sony opens up with more formal release details about the Neo. This will be in September and if an October release is indeed to be expected, we can’t think of a better event for revealing it officially.

It’s worth noting here as well that the PlayStation Neo will come with High Dynamic Range video capacity and also function as a 4K Blu-ray disc player while offering streaming UHD content apps access.

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