A Closer Look At Vizio’s Impressive Line Of Newly Released 2019 4K HDR TVs

by on May 23, 2019
Stephan Jukic – May 23, 2019

One of the major (and surprising) innovators of 4K HDR TV technology since several years ago has been Vizio. The company holds its own firmly against even the biggest TV market name brand competitors and its premium 4K TVs are also some of the best available on the market. In 2018 especially, the flagship P-Series Quantum 4K HDR LCD TV models were easily among the absolute best LCD performers we’d seen for that year, by almost every measure. To top off these performance chops, Vizio has also firmly established a tradition of delivering its high-quality 4K TV technology at very reasonable prices that offer lots of value per dollar spent.

Now the 2019 models are finally going to the retail market and after what we saw with the 2018 editions from Vizio, we’re pretty excited to see what the company delivers this year.

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Vizio has made the announcement that all of its 2019 4K HDR TVs are now available from major retailers and according to the company, most of them will come with a number of improvements including more local dimming zones, improved brightness performance and superior color delivery. Additional features will include AirPlay 3 and HomeKit, both of which are coming a bit later in the year for both the new 2019 releases and select older models as well.

The 2019 P-Series Quantum X

The very top of the Vizio 4K HDR TV lineup for 2019 is the new P-Series Quantum X. This is Vizio’s flagship TV and if the outstanding performance of the 2018 Quantum edition is anything to guess by, the 2019 Quantum X will be downright incredible. That said, the Quantum X editions aren’t going to be exceptionally cheap; the 65 inch edition is retailing for $2,199.99 and the 75 inch model will go for $3,499.99.

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Vizio Quantum X

These prices aren’t exactly in budget territory but they’re still better than what you’d pay for similarly sized Sony or Samsung flagship 4K TVs for 2019. And more importantly, in exchange for charging a higher price for them, Vizio has made the Quantum X models even better than their already incredibly good 2018 predecessors. Just as the 2018 P-Series Quantum TVs pulled off superior performance to that of most of their 2018 flagship LCD TV rivals, the specs of the 2019 models make them powerful competitors to any possible rival 2019 4K TV. We include OLED TVs in this analysis, and that’s saying a lot.

The P-Series Quantum X TVs are going to boast between 384 and a whopping 480 local dimming zones behind their full-array LED backlit LCD panels. This means almost unparalleled levels of black level and contrast precision, to the point where the Quantum X TVs can nearly rival the capabilities of an OLED 4K TV on how well they manage blacks. This is pretty spectacular by itself but it gets an even further boost with peak brightness levels that are out of this world. The Quantum X models reportedly reach maximum display luminosity of 3000 nits or so. We can already say that no other 2019 4K HDR LCD TV we’ve reviewed so far comes close to matching this level and that alone puts the Quantum X TVs in a category of their own on performance.

Something similar was the case with the 2018 P-Series Quantum TVs, which were basically the brightest LCD TVs we saw last year but what the 2019 editions pull off is far more spectacular. Comparatively, Samsung’s best yet flagship 2019 ultra HD 4K HDR TV, the Q90, barely reaches a level of peak brightness that exceeds 1500 nits, and its contrast ratio is only moderately good.

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Even on the additional crucial specs of color performance, motion handling and gaming connectivity we expect the P-Series Quantum X TVs to be outstanding performers. Why? Because the 2018 models were and we haven’t yet seen Vizio create premium TVs that underperform their predecessors. We’ll verify this during a review of these televisions as soon as possible but we’d bet money on it being the result of testing.

The 2019 P-Series Quantum

Moving on to other 2019 Vizio TV releases, we have the next models down the performance chain. These are the “conventional” 2019 P-Series Quantum (no ‘X’) 4K HDR TVs and they too offer plenty of performance quality. With some 240 local dimming zones and a level of peak brightness that reaches 1200 nits, the 2019 P-Series Quantum TVs are still not exactly cheap but for levels of quality that still rival some of the best we’ve seen from Sony and Samsung, these new replacements for the 2018 non-Quantum P-Series TVs are nothing to sneeze at. They come in the same sizes as the Quantum X TVs and a 65 inch model will set you back by $1,399 while the 75 inch monster edition will go for a more or less reasonable $2,499.

Vizio Quantum X 2019

Again, these new P-Series TV models also have performance specs that are definitely on the high premium level in terms of backlighting, local dimming, HDR capacity and peak brightness. Thus, even though their prices aren’t low in more historical Vizio-style, they’re very reasonable when compared to what name brand competitors offer for similar prices.

We should note also that all of the above TVs come with Vizio’s Quantum Dot color technology and are thus expected to be exceptionally brilliant at rendering vibrant, highly accurate and broad color palettes for superb high dynamic range color quality. The 2018 P-Series Quantum TV had the same technology and its color performance was among the best we’ve ever seen in terms of wide color gamut coverage and color accuracy.

Now that we’ve covered the premium and flagship Vizio TV releases for 2019, we come down to the mid-range and budget models. These too have lots to offer despite much lower prices that finally go below $1000.

Two Versions of the M-Series for 2019

Starting off, there is the new Vizio M-Series TV. This model also comes with Quantum Dot color technology for broad HDR color, and full-array LED backlighting but in the case of the 65 inch M-Series, there are only 90 local dimming zones, as opposed to the 240 and 300+ of the P-Series Quantum and Quantum X editions. 90 local dimming zones is still insanely awesome for a price tag of just $999.99 for a 65 inch model (no Samsung or Sony 4K TV of any size has this many for a price of less than $1000), and so is the M-Series peak brightness, which is rated at a very respectable 600+ nits. The 55 inch edition of this M-Series model comes with a price of just $799.99 and the same number of local dimming zones.

Vizio M-Series

In an odd twist, Vizio is also offering a secondary, even more budget-friendly variant of the M-Series TVs with just 20 local dimming zones and a peak brightness of only 400 nits (still pretty good) which nonetheless retains Vizio’s vibrant Quantum Dot color technology. Because of these more economical specs, the lower-line M-Series goes for $899.99 for the 65 inch edition and $699.99 for the 55 inch edition. There are also 50 and 43 inch versions of the cheaper versions of the M-Series. These offer some of the best value that Vizio offers because they have the above technologies while costing only $549.99 and $399.99 respectively.

The 2019 Vizio V-Series: weak but still very decent

Finally we get down to Vizio’s ultra-budget 4K HDR TV offering, the V-Series. This TV is basically a successor to Vizio’s older D-Series models from previous years and with this edition what you don’t get is local dimming and Quantum Dot HDR color technology. The V-Series models are also pretty dim by the standards of their cousins above. That said, that Vizio only removes local dimming in its absolute cheapest 4K TV edition is impressive by the standards of what most of this brand’s competitors offer. The V-Series starts at a ridiculously low $259.99 for the 40 inch edition and from there goes up to $1,199.99 for the giant 77 inch version. One thing we’re almost sure about for even the V-Series is that it will offer excellent gaming performance and thus make for a wonderfully cheap console or PC gamer’s 4K TV.


All of Vizio’s 2019 4K HDR TVs come with the SmartCast 3.0 smart platform update and users will be able to adjust onscreen app navigation for maximally easy access to their favorite content sources. Options for these include dozens of built-in apps like Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, Hulu and so forth but because there’s also a Chromecast option in the Vizio smart platform, you can cast content from any app or device that supports Chromecast right to your TV screen. Apple’s AirPlay 2 and Homekit are both also coming to all of the 2019 Vizio televisions at some point in the summer. These technologies will let users control their Vizio TVs with either Apple Siri, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

In summary, all of the 2019 Vizio 4K TV releases have something to offer and in our professional opinion the value and sheer performance you can look forward to from each category of TV is incredibly, extremely competitively good for the prices these TVs retail for. Yes, the Quantum X series is expensive but no other TV (not even ultra-premium models from Samsung or LG or Sony) we’ve yet seen in 2019 offers a whopping 3000 nits of brightness, quantum dot color AND so many local dimming zones. These specs make the Quantum X TVs in particular incredible.

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