Here’s a Superb Deal on a 65 inch Premium Sony HDR 4K TV from the 2016 Models

by on March 2, 2017

Stephan Jukic – March 2, 2017

While some of Sony’s 2016 4K HDR TVs among the premium models (from the X850D and up) had a few weak spots in comparison to their Samsung competitors, they were still stunningly good ultra HD home entertainment options by any measure of the definition. This definitely applies to the X850D TV and despite a couple of weaknesses like peak brightness and black levels that aren’t quite as strong as those of its closest Samsung SUHD rival the KS8000, the X850D was and remains a superb piece of technology. Among all of its size ranges, only the 85 inch model comes with VA panel technology of the kind we usually recommend much more than IPS found in the other sizes of the X850D, but in the case of this particular Sony TV, the IPS still delivers remarkably decent contrast and is further balanced out by the X850D’s numerous other benefits.

As for the 65 inch X850D we’re mentioning here, it’s a fantastic piece of home theater technology for anyone who wants a full HDR experience and some of the best smart TV performance on today’s market. This of course brings us to the great deal that’s going for this exact TV in its wonderfully sized 65 inch version. Right now it’s selling for a price that we’d definitely call great and all the more so when you consider the free shipping (with some restrictions) that also applies in this particular offer on the X850D. For just $1,398, you can take home a TV that basically offers the best overall picture quality and value per dollar spent among all name brand TVs in the 65 inch range for less than $1500 and possibly even among TVs of this size costing less than $2000.


To get a great idea of what you can expect from the X850D, you can check out our full review of this model right here, but for a quick rundown of the many top-shelf specs this model comes equipped with, keep in mind the following:

  • The X850D comes with a native 120Hz refresh rate and accompanying this are some consequently excellent motion handling specs, with great motion blur control, excellent motion interpolation technology and a great handling of judder in 24p movie content from assorted sources. The X850D is also a fantastic TV for use as a PC monitor and a console gaming display, with broad support for numerous color and frame rate combinations at different resolutions or with HDR.
  • While the 65 inch X850D doesn’t offer local dimming or full-array backlighting, it does come with some very decent levels of peak brightness and a solid black level on its high contrast VA panel. This means great overall HDR performance and solid functionality for content viewing even in brightly lit rooms.
  • Connectivity and smart TV features are of the latest and most future-proof from Sony and the X850D is a full HDR10 supporting 4K TV, with full wide color gamut and 10-bit color support as well as support for HDR contrast levels.

Once again, this 65 inch model is selling right now for just $1,398 on and we can’t recommend it enough as a high value, high quality HDR home theater option for this sort of price. 65 inches is pretty much the most ideal size of TV display for 4K resolution in models costing less than $2000. It’s definitely good enough for almost any normal living room or den.

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