A 2018 Samsung 4K HDR TV For Less Than $280? That’s What This Deal Offers

by on December 12, 2018
Stephan Jukic – December 12, 2018

4K UHD TVs have only become cheaper in 2018 while at the same time their quality has simply gone up almost across the board. This has never been more true than now in these last weeks of 2018 in which many of the excellent mid-range and premium (and in many cases even ultra-premium) 4K UHD TVs of the year have gone down to new price lows.

The best thing about these models is that they really also are the best 4K TVs we’ve ever seen for the most part. More models than ever before now offer high dynamic range support not only on paper but in actual, visible display specs and more models than ever now also come with some of the best motion handling and gaming connectivity specs we’ve ever seen for their prices.

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A perfect compact example of all three factors –price, quality and  availability—in one single late-2018 4K TV offering is this deal from Best Buy. Right now and for a limited time before Christmas, you can get your hands on a Samsung NU6900 4K ultra HD HDR TV with HDR display and superb gaming connectivity for just $279.99 for the 43 inch edition.

Samsung NU6900 4K HDR TV 1

Sure this Samsung 4K HDR TV is fairly small but 43 inches is also nothing to sneeze at for a compact studio, bedroom or kitchen 4K TV And this model in particular could make a fantastic starter 4K television for anyone moving into their own new place or looking for high-end home entertainment on a budget. Furthermore, the NU6900’s specs are genuinely strong. This edition doesn’t simply come priced cheaply in exchange for low performance. Instead, it delivers some peak Samsung TV display technologies, great color performance, display HDR and superb gaming usability for this remarkably low new Christmas price with its $102 discount from the 43 inch NU6900’s original retail pricing.

We really can’t recommend this 4K HDR TV deal enough if you want 4K UHD and HDR without spending too much.

Check out Best Buy’s limited-time deal for the Samsung NU6900 right here.
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