5 Reasons why you should buy a 4K TV This Christmas

by on December 17, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – December 17, 2014

4K TVs are becoming more affordable than ever and at the same time, their range of internal features is improving all the time. This makes now a great time to get started with at least a starter 4K TV.

While content is still much scarcer than that which is available for HD viewing, the total availability of native 4K movies, shows, online content and even sportscasts is growing almost daily. Furthermore, once you start watching native 4K content in full ultra HD resolution on your TV, you’ll understand why there’s so much fuss about 4K. Quite likely, you won’t even want to go back to any lower resolution again.

Furthermore, for all of that HD content that’s still a majority part of the world’s available broadcast and streaming media, most of the latest 4K TV models have a great solution. They’ll upscale the 1080p resolution to something that more closely resembles ultra HD resolution at 2160p.

With that said, here are 5 concrete reasons why a 4K TV could make an excellent Christmas holiday purchase right now.

  1. 4K has much more detail

This is the most fundamental and obvious reason for going for an ultra HD TV. It really does offer a much large resolution that puts the difference between 720p and 1080p (when it came out) in the dust. The total number of pixels on the screen is more than 4 times greater than what you get with a Full HDTV. This means that instead of just over 2 million pixels, you get slightly over 8 million with which to enjoy your action movies, sportscasts and favorite TV shows as they come out in 4K.

  1. Superior Image Depth

4K TVs don’t simply improve on raw resolution, they also offer a newly defined level of depth that comes along with all the extra pixel detail. This effect can be so strong that some people even mistake 4K video on a high quality UHD TV for 3D from a distance.

All of the extra little visuals that you can now see on the screen really create a sort of “window” effect that isn’t there with conventional HD.

  1. Superior Color

Again, the manufacturers of any high quality, name brand 4K TV don’t just work to give you a higher level of digital detail via millions of pixels. In addition to the resolution, all sorts of interesting color blends become possible thanks to the extra quantity of pixels playing across the screen. Secondly, the color rendering technologies that are installed in the latest 4K televisions often offer saturation and brightness that is not found in HD sets.

Thee details particularly apply to shows and movies that are also being fed to your TV in actual native 4K resolution. The brilliance and sharpness of different color schemes can be downright impressive, even more impressive than the improvement in resolution.

Features like Full Array LED backlighting really improve the color and brightness in a 4K TV

UHD specific features like Full Array LED backlighting really improve the color and brightness in a 4K TV

  1. 4K TVs are More Affordable than Ever

The price of 4K TVs back in 2012 and mid to late 2013 was something that would make a lot of eyeballs roll. This is no longer really the case. While they still cost more than your typical HDTV, most of the smaller model 4K TVs on sale today are becoming much easier to buy with prices that are reaching below the $1,000 mark.

Some brands, such as Vizio, have even released extremely high tech, top shelf ultra HD TVs at prices that are 50 to 100% lower than those of other name brand models from just a few months ago.

  1. 4K is the Future of video Resolution

4K technology is not simply a fad like 3DTV. It is the literal future standard for all high quality video and TV filming in the near future. Already, many TV shows and movies are being filmed exclusively with 4K video and distributed in the resolution to those who can actually view it. Eventually, all studio movie content will be available in 4K and those who don’t have a TV that’s capable of viewing it will be missing out on an entirely better entertainment experience that’s almost as good as high end cinema in its immersiveness.

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