5 major 4K Trends we can expect from CES 2015

by on December 26, 2014

Stephan Jukic – December 26, 2014

Contrary to the predictions of more than a few naysayers, 4K is here to stay and its becoming big, soon probably bigger than HD in fact. Signs of this trend are all around us but where they particularly manifest themselves is in the public events that really play up the latest in consumer entertainment technology. The annual Consumer Electronics Show that’s held each year in Las Vegas Nevada is quite possibly the biggest of these events and in 2015, it’s expected to be a massive PR showcase for 4K resolution and the technologies that use it.

While we’re not going to see the doors of CES 2015 open until January, we can already make some pretty good predictions on what exactly the show is going to offer as far as 4K ultra HD is concerned. Here are 5 major trends to look out for.

1080p HD gets edged out by Ultra HD

That’s right, the ruler of high definition for over a decade now will finally be seeing itself getting pushed towards the exit in 2015. Not only at CES but also throughout the year, we’re going to see the major TV makers come out with more new 4K TV models than 1080p HD models for the first time ever.

This doesn’t mean that HDTVs are going to vanish any time soon and they’ll still remain the bigger seller in terms of units shipped for at least several more years but they’re definitely no longer going to be the top choices for discerning home entertainment buyers. UHD is now going to be what HD was just a few years ago.

Quantum Dot Technology

Move over OLED, here come the Quantum Dots. Both LG and Samsung are expected to unveil TVs with quantum dot displays at this year’s CES and this is ultimately great news. Why? Because quantum dot technology does incredible things to the already excellent visual quality of 4K TV displays. Considered to be a much more affordable substitute for OLED 4K technology, quantum dots promise a much butter color gamut and overall picture quality that will be comparable to what only OLED TVs currently offer.

However, unlike OLED, quantum dot 4K TVs are expected to cost something considerably less than an arm and a leg.

Quantum dot 4K technology

Quantum dots being prepared in a laboratory for installation in new LG 4K TVs with the technology

OLED Becomes Cheaper

Speaking of the much vaunted OLED 4K TVs that LG released in 2014. They were bank bustingly expensive when they came out and so far they remain extremely pricey. While we shouldn’t expect miraculous price drops on LG’s 4K OLED TVs in 2015, there is a wide expectation circulating that the company will at least make some fairly decent discounts on the cost of these spectacular ultra HD TV models.

We might even see the smaller models of LG’s OLED 4K TVs dip below the $3,000 mark at least at some point in 2015 if not at the CES itself.

4K TVs Become Cheaper

This is a definite thing that’s already happening across the board, and it’s only going to accelerate after the CES show. The holiday discount deals on numerous 4K TV models that have emerged in the last month were just a taste of the price drops we’ll see after CES and can expect throughout 2015.

This isn’t just speculation, 4K TVs have already gone down in price enormously and will have to keep getting cheaper if they’re going to be the technology that replaced Full HD.

An Explosion of 4K content

Forget the early days of 4K TVs (late 2013) when 4K content that didn’t come with your TV didn’t exist at all. The story now is one of clear growth all over the place. Streaming UHD content options are expanding almost every day with existing providers like Netflix and new sources of non-proprietary 4K movies and TV shows are appearing all over the place.

By mid-2015, we’ll not only see a much large selection of VoD and streaming entertainment from established players flooding consumer screens, we’ll also see new services and even see live ultra HD broadcasts emerge.

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