4K Video Recording & Streaming Could Mean Steeper Price For The HDR Xbox Project Scorpio

by on March 29, 2017

Stephan Jukic – March 29, 2017

Speculation about the final design, 4K gaming chops and overall specs of the Microsoft Xbox Project Scorpio has been floating around the web for months, continuously fed by new theories about its capabilities and new tidbits of leaked information or at least supposed leaks about its overall chops.

Well the latest that we’re reporting on here is a bit more of the same but with a bit of extra substance to it. Apparently, due to some new recent 4K ultra HD specifications reports coming out for the Scorpio, we can also expect a fairly hefty price tag for the new and reportedly revolutionary console.

The Scorpio’s early revealed specs indicated that the device would offer up a 6 teraflop GPU (which is not actually even that powerful compared to today’s best 4K-capable PC GPUs) and come with support for 4K gaming at smooth frame rates along with Virtual Reality support. Essentially, Microsoft has touted the late 2017 console as the most powerful external TV/PC gaming platform ever made when it comes out near the end of this year.

Now, thanks to some minor new specs revelations, we can expect Project Scorpio to support HEVC and VP9 4K video compression standards and the ability to encode, stream and record 60fps video for games and content streaming from built-in apps like Netflix. If this new spec leak is true, the Scorpio will be the first ever console that’s capable of both native streaming and recording in 4K and at 60fps no less. In comparison, the Xbox One S that is Microsoft’s current most powerful console can only record and stream gaming/video in 720p resolution t 30fps.

The Scoprio promises to at least be much more powerful than the Xbox One S on the left

The Project Scorpio promises to at least be much more powerful than the Xbox One S on the left

These additional specs for the Scorpio aren’t exactly revolutionary but they do indicate a fairly pricey and robust overall 4K gaming & home entertainment package. According to reporting from HD-Report, we should expect a price that sits above $450 and possibly comes close to $500. And if the Scorpio can really perform solid 4K video/game recording, this price tag would be fairly justified for now. In other words, Microsoft will probably integrate the price of a video capture card into the console and thus treat the device as a premium item that deserves to sell at a higher MSRP than many previous consoles.

Gamestop has also decided to state that they believe the new Xbox Scorpio to be a console with serious, real 4K gaming and video potential. According to Gamestop COO Tony Bartel, “Finally, we’re impressed with the Microsoft Scorpio product. Unfortunately we can’t talk about a lot other than what’s known”. He did add that “the Scorpio is a very powerful system that’s really made for 4K”.

One other thing we do know for now is that Microsoft has no current plans for putting out Scorpio-exclusive games of any kind. Thus, the batch of conventional, VR or HDR 4K games that do get released at least in the near future won’t come designed to deliver anything truly new, since they’ll have to also function on the Xbox One S, which is selling now and offers HDR but only upscaled 4K graphics.

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