4K video reaches the military with Winmate’s specialized new 4K UHD monitors

by on September 13, 2016

Stephan Jukic – September 13, 2016

It’s pretty much inevitable that 4K resolution in display devices will reach into nearly every aspect of modern video technology. This was the case with Full HD and other resolutions before it and so too it will be the case with ultra HD.

One particular example of this development at work is now coming to market in the form of Winmate Communications new 4K military monitors. These compact (but not too small) puppies are built to be rugged, tough and resistant to all the hardcore elements that the battlefield and bush are likely to throw at them in a modern technologically advanced combat, peacekeeping or field recon situation and Winmate bases their confidence in the new devices on the already established performance of their previous lines of Full HD military displays.

The new Winmate 4K UHD models offer a superb sharpness with 3840×2160 pixels of 4K UHD resolution and augment it further still by including simultaneous viewing through Picture-in-Picture (PIP) functionality, Picture-by-Picture (PBP) capability and even the inclusion of Picture-over-Picture (POP), which is one particular spec found on no normal consumer market 4K monitors of even the best quality.

The 4K monitors from Winmate also come with native 10-bit color for 1.07 billion color variations and deliver this from a robust 14-bit lookup table for the delivery of 256 different color tones. This combination of powerful color display specs is particularly useful for surgically precise imaging of complex graphics in the field and is designed to be ideal for battlefield and reconnaissance use.

Additional features in the Winmate monitors include a backlight sensor for monitoring and stabilization of luminance output across a given display for more consistent and precise imagery and an ambient light sensor which is designed to automatically adjust display brightness for lighting conditions in a given environment. This sensor works automatically as the monitors move from brighter to darker locations and vice versa.


In addition to the above features, the Winmate monitors offer optical bonding for high-level visual quality and since they use IPS  display panel technology, also allow for very wide viewing angles of 178 degrees. This is a particularly useful characteristic to have for clearly seeing graphics on a display whil on the move.

Design-wise, the Winmate 4K monitors may be rugged but this doesn’t stop them from being as functionally slim and smoothly sealed as possible, for easy handling and resistance to entry by airborne dust, water and grit. There is also a protective glass cover over their display surfaces as well as an array of flexible and versatile mounting options. Thew two models come sized at a decently compact 27 inches and a spacious 32 inches.

Winmate has had the new monitors IP66-certified for water resistance and they offer a fanless design for the sake of maintaining their external integrity against air or water-borne contaminants.

Moving back to their features for actual display use in the field, the Winmate models come with capacitive touch keys for most of their controls and manipulation while also offering a rubber bumper accessory for even more robust monitor body protection against impacts of the deliberate or accidental kind.

Now, finally, the new models also come with full warranty features and Winmate itself manages service centers throughout North America, Asia and Europe for repair and replacement of the new monitors.

What we don’t yet know about these new monitors is their pricing and availability specs but we’ll look into these when they do emerge.

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