Which 4K Ultra HD TVs are Some of the Best Purchases?

by on August 20, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – August 20th, 2014

Despite the fact that the 4K TV market is still a small fraction the size of the regular HD TV offers you can find on sale, there are still plenty of low and high priced 4K TVs to choose from.

In fact, enough buying options exist that it can be a tricky thing to pick the right model for your home if you’ve decided you want to take the 4K plunge and really see what clear digital display is like at 3,849 x 2,160 pixels.

That’s where this handy little guide comes in. Here we present you with some of the coolest 4K options available today.

The following sets will offer you some of the best bang for your buck and come with plenty of useful features.

Samsung UN65F9000

Samsung is one of the true pioneers of advanced 4K TV technology and as far as we can tell not one of their TV models is anything less than excellent, however, they are pricy because of their very high quality and that’s what makes the F9000 stand out. As far as well sized Samsung 4K TVs go, this model comes at a very decent price and offers a powerhouse home entertainment system.

It comes with the full Smart TV package from Samsung, offers full HD upscaling so you can enjoy normal content in close to native 4K resolution and, like all Samsung TVs, is capable of HEVC decoding of 4K signals, meaning that it gives you access to the latest streaming 4K content from Netflix and others.

Best of all, it costs well below $3,000, which is cheap indeed for a 65 inch 4K TV from a brand this good.

Toshiba 58L9363

This is the 4K TV that changed everything for Ultra HD home entertainment because of its pricing. The 58L9363 offers you a nicely sized 58 inch screen, second generation 4K resolution technology, an Active 3D system and full connectivity for HDMI 2.0 and USB as well as Ethernet. It also comes with 3D glasses included. Additional features include an internal HD upscaling engine for improving 1080p HD content and a very sleep design.

While there are now cheaper 4K sets available, few if any of them are from name brand manufacturers. Thus the 58L9363’s price, at roughly $2,000 is still very good.

Samsung U8550

Another Samsung TV that will definitely turn heads as visitors enter your living room. This excellent set from the Electronics giant is one of their lowest priced 4K TVs despite not shirking on an of the typical Samsung quality. This is a drop dead gorgeous TV that impresses with its design and visual capabilities.

Again, being a Samsung TV, it offers the very latest connectivity and functionality technologies for 4K and comes with HDMI 2.0 capacity, full HEVC decoding and the latest Smart TV and Smart Hub packages.

Sony X900B

Sony is the undisputed leader of the pack when it comes to 4K TV makers. As the biggest company in the 4K technology market and also the company with the most media assets to bolster its Ultra HD content offerings to its product customers, Sony not only delivers great 4K TVs, it also offers you the native content selection that increases those TVs value even more.

The X900B is a very distinct looking set given its massive front facing speakers, but what it lacks in visual appeal (to some buyers) it more than makes up for in some very powerful sound capacity. This is because those large front facing speakers create some absolutely stunning, rich and detailed sound quality that beats the built-in speakers of just about any other similar sized TV on the market.

Furthermore, because this is a TV made by the pre-eminent developer of 4K technology, its Ultra HD resolution is the best you’re likely to see from any TV on the market, even when compared to Samsung’s high end sets.

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