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4K ultra HD Smartphone video can be stunning: Footage from a Samsung Galaxy S7

by on June 16, 2016

Stephan Jukic – June 16, 2016

As we’ve reported extensively on this site, 4K video recording is now a serious thing in the major smartphone models of 2015, 2016 and the upcoming models for next year (which may also feature 4K display). But it’s one thing to hear about 4K video recording in a tiny phone camera and another thing to appreciate it for just how stunning it can look.

Well, the following footage, captured with the use of a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone, which is the company’s current flagship mobile device, really shows off the sheer quality of what these tiny UHD cameras can do.

Of course, the video you’re about to see was recording by professional cinematographers who have a particularly practiced eye for how to set up every shoot and probably do plenty of post-production work on the footage they capture, but the bottom line remains. The following stunning footage was recorded with a tiny phone, small enough to fit inside someone’s pants pocket. Just try to image showing this sort of video to someone from even 15 years ago at the turn of the century and telling them that a cell phone caught the footage.

The video below shows off some stunning coastal scenery mixed in with action shots of extreme sports as they play out and time-lapse night video of massive glittering cities and their ports. Every single second of the footage in question is downright impressive by any measure, and all the more so for having come from the lens of a camera that’s small enough to squeeze into a space less than a quarter of an inch thick.


In terms of impressiveness, this Galaxy S7 footage has a lot in common with another fairly recent video shoot done with nothing but an iPhone 6S, which also sports a superb 4K recording camera. In that case, the iPhone 6S was used as the exclusive device for shooting an entire documentary about the street scenes and street art of Port Au Prince, the capital city of Haiti, in the Caribbean.

What both 4K smartphone video examples really serve to demonstrate however is that if you want to get serious about film making on a professional level, a lack of money for cutting-edge cinematic recorders is no longer a barrier. Cameras with video quality that once wasn’t even available to pro documentary film makers are now here and can fit almost anyone’s pocket, both literally and financially.

In any case, check out the video below. It truly is worth seeing and also shows just how stunning of a low light performer the video camera in the Galaxy S7 is.

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  • wayne
    June 27, 2016 at 6:49 am

    Give us actual specs. It is hard to tell here, it is jazzed up footage like most all cameras of the past, that can hide how bad it is but a high data rate recording on a good TV, can reveal how good it is. It looks like my old motorola 5v,except better. The footage, even on this little screen has issues. The problem with getting a professional to do this footage, is that a normal user might rarely be able to make it look this good. The light lattitude needs to be more, burnout there even though this is shot at lower brightness high latitude.


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