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4K UHD HDR Blu-ray Discs Get Cheaper, Some Titles Selling for Just $14.99

by on April 5, 2017

Stephan Jukic – April 5, 2017

Since their first release at the beginning of 2016, 4K UHD Blu-ray discs have not only become much more numerous, they’ve also started to drop down in price sporadically, especially for titles that aren’t major new release Hollywood blockbusters. With the current tally of 4K HDR Blu-ray titles sitting at nearly 200 and continuing to expand for 2017, owners of 4K HDR TVs and Blu-ray media player platforms have a remarkably robust selection of content to choose from. For 4K TV owners who don’t have access to enough internet bandwidth for ultra HD content streaming from Netflix, this is a great way to enjoy the full power of high dynamic range combined with 4K resolution of a quality that even those awesome Netflix streams can’t quite match.

Of course, for the best possible enjoyment of 4K Blu-ray titles, your best bet will be an HDR TV and a 4K media player like the Xbox One S, Samsung UBD-K8500 or Sony’s new UBP-X800. All of these  players cost between $400 and just under $300, so they’re still not exactly cheap either.


If however you’ve got all these things, the selections of low-priced 4K BD titles are fairly decent, with some decent selections available for less than $20, many more new release movies and shows for less than $25 and even some remarkably decent entertainment options selling for as little as $15 from sites like Best Buy and

Here are some movie and documentary examples which sell for under $20 and offer excellent 44K UHD and HDR home entertainment value:

“Suicide Squad” ($29.99 on amazon in multi-format bundle set)

“Lone Survivor”



“Ender’s Game”


“Gods of Egypt”

“IMAX: Journey to Space”

“John Wick”

“Now You See Me”

“The Hunger Games” (the whole series of titles)

“The Magnificent Seven”

And even older classic cinematic masterpieces like “Goodfellas”

The above are just some of the selections selling on, Best Buy and other sites for less than $20, and the full selection of movies and documentaries including brand spanking new releases, is quite a bit bigger than the above, again, for under $20.

Most of these titles and others include HDR mastering, and if your 4K TV is of the premium or at least high mid-range HDR type, the difference produced by this technology is really worth appreciating for sheer vibrancy, sharpness and overall quality. 4K HDR Blu-ray movies on a full high dynamic range 4K TV deliver a level of picture quality that leaves normal Blu-ray and most streaming media in the dust.

Wathving 4K HDR Blu-rays on a premium HDR 4K TV creates spectacular visuals

Watching 4K HDR Blu-rays on a premium HDR 4K TV creates spectacular visuals

Anyhow, check out what’s available on in the links above or head to Best Buy for mostly identical prices. There’s lots of 4K home entertainment to choose from out there now.

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