Some very cool new 4K UHD TV developments will be very important at CES 2016 and here’s why

by on December 21, 2015

Stephan Jukic – December 21, 2015

CES 2015 was a major springboard for the showcasing of numerous highly innovative and as it turns out superb models of 4K ultra HD TVs. Furthermore, the new display technologies showcased at last year’s massive electronics show in Las Vegas, Nevada proved themselves to be both successful at attracting lots of consumer attention and at delivering some seriously excellent picture quality in comparison to what was offered by many 2014 4K UHD TVs.

Now, as CES 2016 edges much closer to being here, consumers know that the TVs are awesome and the companies which make them know that consumers know about these TVs. They no longer need to push them at the public just so the public can even become aware that the technology exists. In other words, their popularity and the demand for their quality have both been nicely proven in 2015, running up to 2016.

With these circumstances and factors in mind, we can definitely expect a lot of fascinating new offerings in the 4K ultra HD TV world, from almost all of the major manufacturers but quite probably from Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and LG in particular. Just to name a quick example, which we’ll cover in more detail in an immediately pending news post, LG will be releasing WebOS 3.0, the next generation of their already superb WebOS 2.0 platform for the company’s 2015 4K TV models. We can almost certainly also expect new smart TV platforms from the other kinds of UHD TV at the Las Vegas event.


LG will be introducing a new WebOS 3.0 for CES 2016

LG will be introducing a new WebOS 3.0 for CES 2016

Furthermore, we can possibly expect to see some cool new information about the sort of 4K ultra HD that we can look forward to in 2016. Netflix, BT Europe, Amazon Prime Instant Video and even Vudu are definitely pushing out new sources of 4K entertainment, and we can also look forward to some truly innovative satellite broadcasting of live 4K video in 2016, as we’ve covered before on this site. All of these technologies will only serve to further augment the appeal of 4K TVs and the demand for their continued refinement.

Additionally, streaming media boxes like the Roku 4, the Nvidia Shield 4K box and the still anticipated 4K Joey are either here or on the way and all of these will benefit from the same expanded content landscape as it grows in 2016.

Another very important and visually appealing change will also be the expanded range of video display technologies which are already being coded into existing content and the content expected for 2016. The most obvious example of this is HDR (high dynamic range) video contrast enhancement, which is already coming out from both Netflix and Amazon Prime, and will definitely be a part of the soon to arrive 4K ultra HD Blu-ray content options that will come with the expected arrival of these discs in early 2016 (quite likely at CES 2016 itself).

HDR is extremely visible in 4K content when compared to ordinary SDR 4K video and its inclusion either via Dolby’s HDR format, HDMI 2.0a or some other HDR standard will definitely enhance the user home entertainment experience in 2016. As a direct byproduct of this new video development, we can almost certainly expect more HDR-capable 4K UHD TVs to also come out from all major brands in the next year, either via announcements at CES 2016 or in the months following the event.

On the other hand color enhancement technologies like quantum dot color will probably be further refined from the somewhat underwhelming visual results their delivery to major 2015 4K UHD TVs created. This is something we here at are also looking forward to seeing; an even better type of color enhancement refinement emerging in 2016.

We can also look forward to Panasonic's new CZ line of 4K ultra HD OLED TVs in 2016

We can also look forward to Panasonic’s new CZ line of 4K ultra HD OLED TVs in 2016

Finally, on the OLED 4K TV front, we can look forward to finally seeing OLED 4K models from a brand other than LG hitting the market. These will at least for now be the new upcoming OLED models from Panasonic, which are reportedly capable of some truly spectacular video display quality. Whether they will be showcased further at CES 2016 is something we have yet to see but they will definitely make an appearance on digital and physical store shelves in 2016, helping in the reduction of OLED 4K TV prices with their competitive spark.

These and many other reasons are why CES 2016 is almost sure to be a very interesting event for fans of 4K display technology.

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