More 4K TVs Shipped in the Second Quarter of 2014 Than in All of 2013

by on August 30, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – August 30th, 2014

For the second quarter of 2014 alone, more than 2.1 million 4K TVs were shipped worldwide. This is more than all the sales of these TVs sets in all of 2013, the second year in which the resolution technology was available for consumer market TVs. These are the findings according to technology research firm NPD DisplaySearch in its latest study of the 4K market.

While of course these 2.1 million TVs represent only a small part of the entire TV sales market worldwide (particularly for HD TVs), the research company noted that many 4K makers only introduced their 2014 TV lines in the second part of this year, and from this a reasonable assumption can be made that sales in Q3 and Q4 of 2014 will be even larger still.

According to the research firm itself, the focus is clear that the must have feature for high-end TV viewing today is 4K resolution in TV sets sold.

One interesting result garnered from the study is that China’s share of the toal shipments of 4K TVs has dropped to 60% in the second quarter, a decline from 80% of total sales shipments in all of 2013. While sales in China have been growing as elsewhere, the fact that the share of TVs shipped to what is still the World’s biggest market for the new TV format indicates that worldwide consumer attention to 4K TV technology is increasing and popularity growing.

Given that China and many other markets still lack a lot of 4K content, the biggest selling feature of TVs sold has been their ability to upscale normal 1080p HD and 720p SD content so that either resolution format looks much clearer on the new TV screens.

Again, according to NPD DisplaySearch, “New 4K TV models from global brands have been introduced in all regions this year, and there has lately been increased 4K UHD content available from streaming providers”.

In fact, just in the last week, Samsung announced that it will be releasing a greatly expanded 4K ecosystem with a much broader array of available content as well as streaming 4K services to Samsung TVs from Amazon Studios (a subsidiary of

New 4K TV model releases have greatly broadened the 4K TV business though it still remains a high-end, more “luxury-type” market according to the perceptions of many consumers. Nonetheless, the prices of 4K TVs are falling very quickly and many newer models are approaching the lower price tags normally found with conventional HD TVs.

However, while 4K resolution of at least 3,840 x 2,160 pixels itself is a major “wow factor” for building consumer interest, the real developments that need to push consumer interest forward for even greater sales percentages are more content options for real native 4K movies and shows.

One possible major market is the remastering of old classical film reel movies into digital 4K products. Since the chemical film on which many older movies were shot actually captured far more detail than any previous display technology (including HD) could hope to show, 4K will finally make movies from the early 90’s and before viewable in the kind of detail they have never before been seen in.

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