4K TVs are an extremely popular gift item according to Best Buy wedding registry records

by on July 6, 2015

Stephan Jukic – July 6, 2015

Flatscreen 4K TVs are a lot more popular than any classical wedding item when it comes to wedding registries according to recent findings.

For this year’s weddings (and presumably those of years to come soon) technology gifts in general are the really stylish present that gift givers and takers seem to prefer for their wedding events. And among tech products, 4K TVs seem to be the biggest item on the list. Regardless of the time they’ve spent married, some 76% of couples surveyed recently claimed that they would prefer to register for a 4K UHD TV instead of a dinnerware set or anything like that as a wedding related gift.

This seems to be the case because more couples than ever before are looking at technology products as the most appropriate gift registry items according to a survey of brides and grooms done by electronics/office supply retailer Best Buy recently.

According to the survey’s findings, people who have married in the last five years are more likely to consider electronics (and 4K TVs in particular) as a great gift idea and 74% of them approved of this. However, the tech loving trend also applies to longer-term marriages, with 58% of couples who’ve been married for 20 years or longer also approving of electronics gifts.

According to Wendy Fritz, head of gifting registry for Best Buy, “Technology is of course ever present today and couples are really starting to include these tools in their weddings –including their gift registries”.

Fritz also elaborated that fancy china place settings are definitely being pushed aside in favor of flat screen TVs and other items like high-end digital cameras for honeymoon special occasions according to Best Buy’s registries.

More married couples than ever are looking for  4K TV to liven up their living rooms according to Best Buy

More married couples than ever are looking for 4K TV to liven up their living rooms according to Best Buy

Furthermore, 75% of couples who have been married for more than two decades also claimed that if they could do it all over again, they’d pick tech items for their gift registry. And among possible tech items, the most popular gift desires would consist of a flatscreen (4K) TV, a camera, video camera, a tablet or smart thermostats and wireless sound systems to a less popular extent. As far as the cameras, TVs and camcorders go, their most top-shelf, best equipped versions no on sale are all products with 4K resolution technology built into them and these are becoming increasingly recognized as “must-have” models while their UHD technology becomes better known among consumers.

In order to conduct their technology and wedding gift registry survey, Best Buy commissioned the consulting firm Wakefield Research to collect input from more than 1000 brides and 1000 grooms between May 29th and June 12th of 2015. Half of these 2000 respondents were married for five years or less and the other half had been married for 20 years or more.

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