4K TVs for less than 1000 Dollars? Yes, they’re Definitely Here

by on October 6, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – October 6, 2014

4K TVs used to be the massively expensive new experimental play technology of people with pretty deep pockets. Now this finally is no longer the price picture.

As is the case with any new technology that really ends up being the platform of the future in its industry, the competition on production of 4K displays is heating up and the prices of the TVs (amongst other 4K related technologies) are going down drastically.

While many early adopters to the 4K TV platform certainly had to work over several thousand or even several tens of thousands of dollars for their shiny new 4K TV sets, even the biggest brands in the industry are now selling their TVs for prices that are at least 50% (or often much more) lower priced than what was on sale just over a year ago in the early days of 2013.

Now, we’re also seeing things go considerably further with the introduction of radical new degrees of price competition from one of the major, higher end players in the TV industry.

What we’re talking about is the new Vizio series of 4K Ultra HD TVs. They’re called the P-Series and while we’ve already written extensively about them before, it’s worth underscoring just how much their release is going to impact the price and overall sales patterns of the 4K TV industry as a whole.

The new Vizio line of 4K sets is the first of its kind from a major brand in that it offers Ultra HD 4K TV platforms with all of the absolute best technologies, specs and features of the truly “high end” 4K TV models already on sale by brands like Sony and Samsung but prices them at retail levels that go as low as just below $1000 USD

This is the cost of the smallest of the Vizio sets, the 50 inch model and while this is an extraordinary price for such a feature packed 4K TV, the retail tag on even the company’s much larger 70 inch 4K Ultra HD P-Series TV is, at $2,499 still at least a full third lower than what you’d find with anything else of comparable caliber among the other major brands, at least so far.

This is where things get very interesting with what Vizio has done since it recently launched its new P-Series TVs. Until that point, the best 4K sets anyone could get their hands on for prices of less than $1500 dollars were lower end models from lesser known brands like Seiki and a number of other similar manufacturers. While these TVs often did offer a decent set of features and sell well in the overseas (particularly East Asian) markets, they lacked the massive brand recognition and reputation of a Sony, Samsung, LG or even Panasonic 4K TV model.

Until recently, lesser known brands like Seiki offered the only 4K TVs that cost less than $1500

Until recently, lesser known brands like Seiki offered the only 4K TVs that cost less than $1500

Because of this, these very same big name brands could afford to continue selling their 4K models at price that still remained steep for many consumers despite their price drops over the last two years. Now however, we have the Vizio line of TVs here. They’re not only well reviewed by major voices in the consumer technology world, they also really do offer cutting edge technology at incredible prices.

What this means for Sony, Samsung and the others is even steeper competition on pricing and as we already mentioned, the competition is what is going to drive 4K prices down even further and faster than before.

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