4K TV Sales In Europe Alone Will Expand To 17 Million Units Shipped By The End Of 2017.

by on June 30, 2017

Juan Carlos Ropel, June 30, 2017

According to a study made by Dataxis, a global firm specializing on media market research and telecom industries, nearly 12 million 4K TVs where sold in Europe in 2016. This represents a 22% share of overall TV sales in Europe during last year, a growth of 102% in comparison with 2015, when “only” 6 million 4K UHD TVs were sold. Dataxis estimates this tendency will grow to 17 million by the end of full-year 2017.

Sales were driven principally by the UK (2 million), Germany (2 million), France (1.7 million), Russia (1.4 million) and Italy (880 000). Dataxis expects 4K televsion sales in Europe to rapidly continue growing, but nonetheless the 4K TV market in all Europe remains far away from China, which is the world’s single largest market for 4K TVs, gaining even over all of North America in terms of how many models have been shipped to consumers year-over-year.

“More than 25 million 4K TV have been sold in China in 2016 and Dataxis estimates that 40% of TV shipments were 4K for the first quarter of 2017 against 33% for year 2016,” according to the report.

Despite the lack of 4K content, we continue to see a global trend on the 4k market growth, rising by roughly 40% to 50% each year. This is not to mention the inclusion of HDR, which is becoming a most-have feature in all newer 4K UHD TV units being made by virtually all major brands, even budget 4K TVs in most cases,. Furthermore, we’re seeing a surprisingly healthy growth rate of consumer preferences for OLED TVs, which offer some of the best picture quality in existence so far and have also seen a major growth in their sales figures despite being considerably expensive than most LCD/LED 4K TV models currently on the market. One major factor in the above growth figures is the increasing standardization of 4K TV manufacturing as the main replacement for the HDTVs that were previously the major high-end models sold worldwide.

4K TV Sales Will Expand To 17 Million Units Shipped By The End Of 2017.

New features like HDR for 4K TV displays are becoming increasingly common in new models

As their shipments increase dramatically, 4K TV prices are also sharply decreasing almost to the point where they match those of HDTV model prices just a few years ago. This applies particularly to prices for mid-range and budget ultra HD TV models with a growing quantity of what were once premium features like HDR and expanded color delivery, but it’s also a trend we’ve been seeing with sales of premium ultra-large UHD models from major brands. Many of these latter units still cost thousands of dollars but this is far cheaper than the $10 to 20,000+ ´price tags we saw for such televisions only a couple of years ago.

The standardization of 4K screens made by the manufacturers and the growing worldwide selection of 4k content show that 4K sales are bound to rise everywhere in the coming years. The total 4K technology market was valued at $18.1 Billion in 2014 is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 21.8% to reach $102.1 Billion by 2020.


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