4K Ultra HD panel shipments expand 64% in second quarter of 2015

by on June 30, 2015

Stephan Jukic – June 30, 2015

As we’ve covered on numerous occasions, sales of 4K UHD panels and TVs are not only growing, the rate at which they grow is expanding too, and quickly.

This is reflected and reinforced still further by the latest findings from research firm Sigmaintell Consulting. According to the company’s investigative findings, UHD TV panel shipments have reached over 9 million units sold by within the second quarter of 2015. This is a 58% jump from sales in the first quarter and has brought the total number of TVs sold in the year so far to 14.7 million, or more 4K TVs than were sold in all of 2014.

According to the company, “In the second quarter, Samsung Display and LG Display held a combined market share of 64% and Samsung is expected to hold the top spot in shipments globally in 2015 with a 33% share.”

Samsung has seen particular growth with sales of its 55 and 65 inch 4K TV units and these alone respectively hold 47% and 37% of the total global shipment numbers in the second quarter.

As for LG, according to Sigmaintell, the other Korean company has been focusing mainly on production and sales of 49 and 55 inch 4K TVs with WRGB technology. This technology has accounted for 28% of the shipments of 4K TV panels from LG in the second quarter and this percentage is expected to grow to 35% for the whole year of 2015, largely thanks to demand from Chinese sellers like Konka, Skyworth, Changhong and LG Electronics itself.

Both LG and Samsung have released several new and highly innovative new 4K TV models in 2015 so far. The TVs –in Samsung’s case new SUHD models with HDR technology and in LG’s case new 2015 OLED 4K TV models—do not account for large percentages of total sales from either company. Instead, they are marketing leaders but of limited actual popularity due to their still exceptionally high prices.

Samsung 4K TVs sold more than any other brand in 2015 but not the company's top-shelf SUHD models

Samsung 4K TVs sold more than any other brand in 2015 but not the company’s top-shelf SUHD models

On the other side of the industry spectrum, Taiwan-based Innolux has seen its 4K TV panel shipment share shrink downward dramatically. The company, which makes budget level 4K TVs that mostly sell to overseas markets in the Asian region, formerly accounted for 60% of all 4K TV shipments and now sells only 18% of TVs as of the second quarter of 2015. Innolux has struggled with maintaining brand support and is also a major seller of 40, 50 and 58 inch units.

This drop in share volume is to be expected as the price of high-end name-brand 4K TVs steadily drops to normal levels and increasingly discerning consumers in both North American/European markets and other overseas markets move in the direction of buying Samsung, LG, Panasonic or Sony 4K TVs as soon as they can afford them. These latter models are perceived as having better display technology and superior connectivity options.

Expectations for the future of the 4K TV market are extremely optimistic among most industry watchers and some findings expect for 4K TV sales to account for more than a quarter of all TVs sold by 2018 and just beyond.

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