Samsung and 4K TVs in general really stole the show at CES 2015

by on January 13, 2015

Stephan Jukic – January 13, 2015

While CES was full to the brim with all sorts of odd, cool and innovative technology from numerous companies from around the world. The brand that got the most attention at the show was almost certainly Samsung.

One of the major indicators of this was the simple fact that Samsung was tweeted about twice as much as any other brand name. This is a finding that comes from Hotwire Insights and Analytics, which looked at all the tweets posted under the hashtag #CES2015 and found that one in three of the 18,643 tweets under this category mentioned Samsung, which is twice the number that included the second most discussed brand, Panasonic.

And while Samsung and Panasonic both unveiled numerous different products, it’s also probably not a coincidence at all that both of these companies were some of the biggest 4K technology heavyweights at the CES show in Las Vegas.

Both companies unveiled a whole range of 4K TVs among the other technologies they presented. In the case of Samsung, these other innovations included a washing machine with a sink built into its top and a virtual reality headset that the company is working on. As for Panasonic, the other featured developments from the company included a conceptual in-flight entertainment system with a seatback system that is designed to automatically recognize passengers as they board a plane.

But moving back to 4K, both Samsung and Panasonic are two of the champions of the technology. Panasonic unveiled a whole range of new ultra HD TVs and Samsung did the same, also unveiling 4K sets with the company’s new Tizen operating system and new quantum dot technology for much better color vibrancy built into them.

Samsung was one of the biggest winners at CES 2015 in terms of brand recognition

Samsung was one of the biggest winners at CES 2015 in terms of brand recognition

4K in general was also one of the big winners at CES 2015 as the single most tweeted trend of all. The phrase 4K TV garnered a whopping 15,912 tweets under the #CES2015 hashtag, almost four times the number of tweets for the next most popular topic, “wearables”.

Given just how many of the biggest participants at CES came out with 4K TVs or other 4K related technologies, this isn’t surprising at all. CES was where we saw the major new technology of ultra HD go mainstream right before our eyes.

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