The 4K texture pack for Far Cry’s Primal Survival has been released

by on April 13, 2016

Stephan Jukic – April 13, 2016

As PC gaming and (possibly very soon) console gaming both advance into 4K resolution territory, more PC games in particular are moving over to 4K textures and graphics modifications.

One of the latest among these is the Survival Mode free content pack for all platforms that’s being released for the Game Far Cry. PC players of this game who download the Survival Mode can now enjoy 4K texture support if they happen to have a 4K UHD PC monitor and a graphics card designed to handle 4K, such as those listed on our gaming page.

Those who play the new mode can also select the Survival Mode’s new Permadeath option, which allows for only one life in an individual gaming session. Or, if they’re feeling a bit less lucky, they can go for the Second Chance option, which replenishes after a certain amount of progress.

There are also quite a few other changes coming with the 4K Survival Mode content package. One of these includes the way in which animals behave and another involves the way in which the game’s mini map works. Players of this particular game should also check out the assorted other challenges offered by Survival Mode.

PC players of Far Cry Primal should also take a peek at the game’s Steam page, and for console players of Far Cry, the forum notes are a useful resource for new options.

The infographic below is also a useful resource:


The update for all the new gameplay options on Far Cry Primal (for PC players of Far Cry) comes out at a download size of 1.1GB while the 4K texture pack for those who want it is available individually as a hefty 3.5GB download.

Console players of Far Cry won’t gain access to the 4K graphics options and a couple of other things but their version of the Survival Mode update is sized at only 849MB.

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