TV Panel makers and other 4K technology giants are betting big on Ultra HD market growth

by on December 9, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – December 9, 2014

The major manufacturers of TV panels are betting on major growth for the 4K ultra HD LCD TV market during the next few years.

Near the beginning of the year, many of these companies were expecting to ship roughly 1 million 4K panels in 2014 and have already sold a total of 6.4 million 4K TVs as the year nears its closing days. And this number is expected to grow considerably as we move into 2015.

In fact, given the massive leaps in 4K TV sales, the original predictions of 7.1 million units sold in 2015 and as many as 20 million sold by 2017 will almost certainly have to be revised soon enough.

Currently, the overwhelming majority of 4K TVs that do get sold and shipped are being delivered to the Asian market and of these, the majority are smaller 50 inch or lesser models instead of the truly high end 70 inch+ models that many name brand manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, LG nad Panasonic are selling.

Furthermore, despite early predictions that 4K would go the way of 3DTV into the halls of forgotten technology, strong promotion from manufacturers, coupled with genuine consumer interest and a growing selection of content becoming available for 4K displays have all worked together to make these TVs a much stronger product than 3DTV ever was.

Overall, 4K Ultra HD really is looking like it will become the solid eventual replacement of Full HD as the de facto high-end resolution technology of the near future.

While 4K TVs still do remain a distinctly niche product in most markets, this is changing rapidly and in some smaller but wealthier markets such as those of select European and Asian countries, smaller 4K TV sales are reaching towards majority status as a percentage of all LCD TVs sold in the latter quarters of 2014. This figure will only climb upwards in 2015.

One major part of the reason for these excellent sales figures for UHD is the simple fact that manufacturer competition is driving the prices of these once extremely expensive sets steadily downward.

While some of the most advanced and largest ultra HD TVs still cost well above $7,000, many smaller sets from even name brands are now selling for prices well below $2,000. And again, these are name brand TVs with the latest display technology that we’re talking about.

4K TVs like the newer model Samsung UN55HU6840 have started selling for well below $2,000 USD

4K TVs like the newer model Samsung UN55HU6840 have started selling for well below $2,000 USD

Consumer interest keeps mounting and heavy promotion of 4K by Sony, Samsung, LG and other manufacturers is being coupled with promotion of 4K content and videography from major manufacturers of ultra HD video cameras and content producers.

Currently, the number of services that offer 4K streams or VOD content in some form is also expanding worldwide. In the U.S alone, we have Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Ultraflix, and VOD selections from both Sony and Samsung. Internationally, both Netflix and Amazon are expanding their 4K streams to overseas markets while content producers in select overseas markets are creating their own selections of UHD content. One notable example of this is, which is expanding in several Western and Central European markets.

On the whole, the future of 4K TV and content not only looks bright but is also exceeding even earlier optimistic expectations on development and product sales.

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