4K surveillance technology expands: Panasonic announces new 4K integrated PTZ Camera

by on June 25, 2015

Stephan Jukic – June 25, 2015

4K video technology isn’t just for amateur cameras and professional video production shooters in the entertainment industry. It’s also making inroad into surveillance fields, and with good reason. As the need for highly detailed monitoring technologies grows and biometrics like face recognition gain more importance, the high detail capture of 4K video becomes an ideal development.

Thus, companies like Panasonic are developing products to meet this demand. And in Panasonic’s specific case, the latest to arrive is the industry’s first integrated 4K pan/tilt/zoom camera, the AW-UE70.

The AW-UE70 offers its users 3840 x 2160 ultra HD resolution images at 29.97p/25pvia HDMI and is of course also designed for 4K IP streaming and in-camera recording via memory storage drive infrastructure.

The other features which come with the AW-UE70 also include essentials like gunlock, Optical Image Stabilization and remote switchable ND filters. Furthermore, the UE70’s 4K and HD capabilities make this surveillance platform into an ideal choice for really demanding high security environments where the clearest possible recording of details is necessary. Some examples being large bank/ financial institution lobbies, high security government offices, auditoriums and retail installations with high-level security needs.

The UE70 comes with 3G-SDI and HDMI video inputs for processing all that data-heavy 4K UHD it films and the camera offers a ½.3-inch MOS sensor and attendant advanced video processing.

Since the UE70 needs to be capable of streamed recording, it also offers direct-from-camera audio/video streaming at a rate of 2160/30p. The camera’s IP streaming works in combination with the UE70’s standard IP-control, built-in AUDIO input and PoE+ capabilities to deliver single-cable remote production for certain contexts. On top of this, the UE70 also functions as a USB webcam for videoconferencing and collaboration, but at an HD resolution setting. For these latter needs and others on the 4K end, it offers a 20X zoom lens, preset functions, wide field of view of 65.1 degrees and simultaneous IP and USB control.

For in-camera recording of audio and video to a microSD card, the UE70 also offers rates of 2160/29.97p and 1080/59.94p. These can be used for capturing events and backing up the video. Recorded files can also be delivered via networking and thus simplify workflow while also reducing peak network loads.

The AW-UE70 offers a wide range of specs for streamed and in-camera 4K video recording with high dynamic range

The AW-UE70 offers a wide range of specs for streamed and in-camera 4K video recording with high dynamic range

The UE70 also features stereo mic/line-level switchable audio input for embedding and the embedded audio can be used together with HDMI, 3G-SDI, streaming and recording uses.

Since this is a USB enabled-camera, the UE70 is a good choice for PC-based videoconferencing in HD and 4K resolution.

Other interesting aspects of the UE70 include the incorporation of the IP/Serial/Web control system and IP-Live Preview first pioneered in earlier Panasonic cameras like the AW-HE60 and HE130 lines of cameras. Furthermore, IP,RS-422 and RS-232C in/out interfaces are also included here, on top of a built-in web server for browser control and IP-live preview/setup via PC, Mac, mobile phones and tablets with either Android or iOS.

Basically, the UE70 is loaded with features that greatly enhance professional 4K video surveillance system capabilities. Some further recording specs include Panasonic Dynamic Range Stretch and advanced Digital Noise Reduction. These, combined with a High Dynamic Range mode let this particular camera produce very clear, detailed video even in harsh contrast or lighting environments. There’s even a Night Mode for shooting in extreme darkness, which automatically switches to high quality HD monochrome video through an optional IR illuminator. This last aspect is great for lab settings and even certain studio movie/TV show production needs requiring near total darkness.

Panasonic is already selling the AW-UE70.

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