4K and other awesome trends coming for cameras in 2015

by on January 1, 2015

Stephan Jukic – January 1, 2014

The camera industry is going through some serious changes right now and 2015 is looking to offer even more evolution. For photographers and videographers working at either a professional or amateur level, these changes will be pretty significant.

The most important advances we’re going to be seeing include shifting trends in what kinds of cameras are most often used to capture video and photos, a wider proliferation of 4K resolution in the cameras of all types that go on sale in this new year and improvements in the connectivity of the shooting devices photographers start buying.

Now, without further ado, let’s get down to some gritty details.

The Rise of Seriously Awesome Smartphone Cameras

In 2009, some 35 million cameras were sold in the U.S market. By 2014, this figure had dropped to just 9.4 million and is expected to decrease to just 7 million by the end of 2015.

So how is this shocking decline possible when feature packed cameras are actually becoming cheaper than ever? Quite simply, because of the rise of smartphones.

Point-and-shoot cameras and ILCs (interchangeable lens cameras) of both the mirrorless and DSLR variety are all becoming less popular with casual users thanks to the proliferation of truly awesome, powerful new smartphones that pack excellent video and photo shooting capacity into their tiny bodies.

While phone cameras in 2009 were quite frankly complete crap in comparison to what their pure camera cousins could do, this is no longer the case. 2014’s best flagship smartphones (particularly those released in the latter part of the year) came with massive megapixel resolution, powerful internal sensors, 4K video shooting resolution and even included some pretty excellent zoom capacity.

In 2015, these trends are all only going to accelerate and become much more common in a wider range of phones. This means that we’re going to see more megapixels (20+ in many models), more 4K video, more powerful processing chips like the new Snapdragon series and even the ability to shoot RAW and HDR for still shots and videos.

For causal photographers and video shooting fans, these awesome phone camera technologies will further minimize the need for actually buying a proper DSLR or anything like it.

Many more of the smartphones released in 2015 will include 4K video shooting and much larger internal memory

Many more of the smartphones released in 2015 will include 4K video shooting and much larger internal memory

Connectivity like Never Before

Almost all of the new cameras released in 2015 will feature full WiFi and even NFC connectivity. This will become a ubiquitous feature and we’ll even start seeing a wider selection of cameras with the best kind of WiFi connectivity in the form of the 802.11ac standard instead of its weaker b, g and n cousins.

Some cameras will even offer Bluetooth connectivity and, of course, the smartphone cams we mentioned above will by default have access to the connectivity features of the phones they’re built into.

4K All the Way

Many of the digital cameras and camcorders being sold right now still lack ultra HD video resolution, but given the growing popularity of 4K in TVs and its inclusion in smartphone cameras, the resolution wil become the must-have feature of most newly released cameras worth their salt in 2015.

Furthermore, the prices of 2015’s 4K cameras are only going to continue falling, to levels far more attractive than those we’ve seen so far in the year that’s just finished. Other improvements that revolve around the inclusion of 4K resolution will include new still shooting abilities that weren’t possible before (taking stills straight out of 4K video reels shot at 25 to 30 frames per second), more powerful internal SD memories and better internal processors.

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