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4K-Ready 400Mbps internet is coming to Germany thanks to Tele Columbus

by on January 21, 2015

Stephan Jukic – January 21, 2015

Tele Columbus Group, the third largest German cable network operator, is promising broadband connectivity speeds of up to 400Mbps for its millions of German customers. The service will thus offer the fastest internet connections currently available in Europe’s largest economy and is expected to be unveiled by April of 2015.

This 400Mbps offering is going to be twice as fast as the best alternative available so far to German consumers and will be available as of April 1st 2015. The first customers to receive the new ultra high-speed internet will be the residents of the major Berlin suburb of Potsdam and from there the service will expand to other major metropolitan areas.

In order to increase their internet service speeds to these high levels, Tele Columbus has had to invest heavily in major network infrastructure improvements. These included updating the active parts of the local head-end facilities in Potsdam itself and improving the overall broadband data connection capacity of the Tele Columbus network itself.

The company has been growing its internet networks for several years now through the use of hybrid glass-fiber coaxial long distance connection system mixed with a fiber-to-the-building (FTTB) approach to last-mile connections to homes and offices themselves.

These networks are operated on the DOCSIS 1.3 standard and, according to Tele Columbus itself, “As a result of the efficient bundling of transmission channels and connection of individual networking clusters using optical fiber, the performance of this technology is far superior to that of conventional transmission methods”.

Even more importantly, the massive amount of connectivity that will be offered by this new glass-fiber ultra high-speed service doesn’t end with the cable connections to homes and offices themselves: the company has also introduced (since July of 2014) a WiFi cable box which is built to allow wireless, short-range data rates of up to a whopping 1.3 gigabits per second (Gbps). This means that all the wireless devices inside a typical home that subscribes to the new 400Mbps service will be more than capable of downloading and uploading even large amounts of data quickly.

Streaming services like are bringing 4K content to German and European audiences

Streaming services like are bringing 4K content to German and European audiences

This entire development is a massive boom for the deployment of 4K streaming media to German customers of the Columbus service. Since 4K ultra HD video requires at least 20 Mbps to effectively transfer, the glass-fiber connectivity of the company’s connection coupled with its ultra high-speed WiFi box will allow consumers to access any 4K media streams that become available while also being able to easily upload homemade 4K movies from WiFi enabled cameras and smartphones to the web.

Streaming services with 4K content that are already moving into Germany include Netflix and

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