4K HDR Update for 2015 NVIDIA Shield Now Available, Other Updates Coming Soon

by on January 28, 2017

Stephan Jukic – January 28, 2017

As we’d covered recently, the 2015 NVIDIA Shield 4K gaming/steaming media console may not be quite as stylish as its new 2017 version but it was going to get a major firmware update that would give the older device many of the same extra features as those found in the newer model.

Well, now that update has arrived and owners of the 2015 NVIDIA Shield can enjoy it free of charge so that they too can experience the benefits of 4K HDR streaming from services like Amazon Prime Instant Video, Netflix and others. Other goodies that come with the new firmware update include 4K movie support for Google Play’s entertainment content, 4K video support for some other services and the addition of new gaming features along with support for an upgraded GeForce Now game streaming experience. Then there is also the inclusion of the NVIDIA Games app for more centralized management of all of the Shield’s gaming-related functions.

Google is also working on further software updates for the 2015 Shield console which will turn it into a much more robust device that goes beyond “simple” gaming and entertainment streaming capability. These features, which are also of course coming to the 2017 NVIDIA Shield consist of software updates for the inclusion of Google Assistant, which will turn the 2015 Shield into a full-blown smart home management device with compatibility with NVIDIA’s “Spot” plug-in ambient microphone devices for distribution around the home. The Spot can be stuck into any electrical outlet around a home and integrates with the NVIDIA Shield TV smart platform to allow for voice-powered control of TV, Shield and other smart home hub devices like cameras, thermostats and even smart lighting.


This second software update for the 2015 Shield console isn’t yet available and will be coming soon but when it does, the 2015 Shield will in most ways be as good as its 2017 version, except with a somewhat less cool-looking controller design. We should also note that the Google Assistant update, while free of charge, will require owners of the 2015 Shield to buy a Nvidia remote control for an additional cost of $60. The 2017 Shield comes with remote control included but the basic 2015 model only includes the Shield’s game controller in the box.

The 2017 NVIDIA Shield comes with remote control included. This costs $60 for the 2015 version

The 2017 NVIDIA Shield comes with remote control included. This costs $60 for the 2015 version

We have to hand it to NVIDIA and Google, with these new software update goodies, both companies are showing their appreciation of first-generation Shield buyers by letting them also enjoy almost all the benefits that come with the newer Shield console hardware that emerged this year. Most consumer electronics updates aren’t nearly so generous in their range.

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