4K Gaming Just Got More Affordable Thanks to Origin PC and Nvidia Titan Z Graphics Cards

by on August 11, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – August 11th, 2014

Specialized, boutique PC based system designer Origin PC has really stepped things up a notch or two with their recent announcement that should make 4K gaming fans much happier. On August 11th they announced the upcoming release of a full trio of 4K gaming prepared Nvidia Battlebox desktops that will cost well under $4,000 USD apiece.

Now if you think that “under $4,000” still seems like an extremely steep price, you need to know about what these machines are coming with:

One of the rigs alone is a full spec small form factor Chronos system that contains one of Nvidia’s immensely powerful GTX Titan Z graphics cards and a fully 4K capable display monitor from Asus that has a 28” display. The graphics card alone normally costs $3,000 and the monitor alone would run at a retail price of roughly $600 USD. Thus, these two features alone, apart fom al the other hardware in the Nvidia Battlebox gaming desktops, are worth just a bit less than the full retail price of these machines.

According to Kevin Wasielewski, CEO and founder of Origin PC, “Demand for 4K gaming has been skyrocketing this year which is not surprising considering the incredible detail and lifelike experience of 4K gaming”. He also added that his company’s Nvidia Bsttlebox rigs are an excellent deal considering the outstanding overall bundle they offer to hardcore gamers who want to finally try 4K resolution at a fully smooth render rate of 60Hz and no slow crawling processing thanks to a crappy gaming rig.

Of course, the CEO of the computer’s maker is definitely going to boast about how great of a deal his own new product is but in this instance, the hype really lives up to itself. Given their specs, these Origin PC gaming bundles offer some really outstanding specs and are in fact so well priced for what they offer that to replicate the same gaming machine under DIY conditions (as many gamers often do) would actually cost quite a bit MORE than to simply buy the full rigs.

In fact, Origin PC is almost certainly losing money on these rigs but hoping to use them as a very powerful loss leader for their products.

For some more scope on just how remarkable the price of these Battlebox rigs for 4K gaming is, consider that just one day before the announcement by Origin PC, doing a DIY setup of the very cheapest Chronos desktop system with a Nvidia Titan Z graphics card and an Asus 28” inch PB287Q 4K monitor would have cost any gamer who tried it at least $5000 dollars if they bought all the parts new.

The release of this massively powerful gaming rig that can really, actually handle PC games in 4K without rendering problems is definitely going to set a precedent that will cause other came PC makers to start playing catch-up with their own competitive offers.

The overall result should be an even faster race towards the likely inevitable development of mainstreamed 4K PC gaming.

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