As 4K Blu-ray Comes Closer to Arriving, More Streaming Ultra HD Content Options Keep Developing

by on September 12, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – September 12th, 2014

During this year’s IFA 2014 Electronics conference, the future of 4K movie and TV content became a little clearer and a little brighter thanks to the technological innovations of various players.

In other words, it seems that the starvation rations of 4K video content offerings are finally on the verge of coming to an end.

For starters, Amazon’s 4K Instant Video service, being run through Amazon Prime Studios, will be coming to Panasonic, Sony and Samsung TVs in just a couple of weeks in the month of October –with reliable rumors circulating of other major TV brands following suite shortly after. This is happening on top of the already existing selections of 4K video and remastered or native filmed 4K TVs shows already available through Netflix and its own streaming service.

And moving beyond Amazon, international providers of streaming media such as Maxdome, and CHILI are all also pledging to start delivering assorted movies and new TV shows in full 3,840 x 2,160 4K glory in the coming months through Video on Demand.

What this emerging content menu will definitely do is start persuading more consumer level buyers to actually invest in a new 4K TV of some kind. For example, Sony, LG and Samsung have all been engaging in heavy promotion and familiarity campaigns through the Best Buy chain of electronics retail stores in the U.S, getting potential customers to actually find out what 4K is all about.

Furthermore, Sony alone is engaging in a “Privilege Movies” 4K promotion that gives anyone who buys one of the company’s 4K TVs this fall a 500 GB media player with 5 preloaded 4K movies from the Sony Pictures collection free of charge. Since Sony Pictures holds what is currently the world’s largest single collection of 4K video content, the five free movies come from a wider selection of ten that includes big name pictures such as The Amazing Spiderman, Moneyball, Total Recall, Ghostbusters and Captain Philips.

4K Blu-ray movies

Spiderman remastered for Blu-ray 4K, to be available on Sony’s 4K media player and on upcoming Blu-Ray 4K

Samsung is also apparently in the middle of planning to do the same thing with its own 500 GB media player and proprietary collection of 4K content. This is part of a wider partnership that the company has with 20th Century Fox and Paramount Pictures. Interestingly, despite Sony Studio’s dominance of 4K movie production, the Samsung collection for their possible free media player’s preloaded titles could actually be much bigger than Sony’s since it might include as many as 40 movies and shows to choose from.

Finally, aside from all of these streaming and preloaded media player 4K content options, there is the even more exciting fact that 4K blu- Ray is on the way for the third quarter of 2015. These discs will be playable on a special 4K capable Blu-Ray media player that will emerge on the market at the same time and any HEVC enabled TV will be able to read them and play their Ulta HD content regardless of the access that TV has to streaming media over the web.

The impending arrival of the 4K blu-Ray discs will be a great economical bridge between the current 4K content scarcity and a soon to arrive future in which enough homes have powerful enough  internet connections to actually receive streaming 4K transmissions, which require at least 20 Mbps of connectivity to work properly.

Both older movies remastered for 4K and latest release films that were captured with native 4K cameras will be available for the upcoming Blu-Ray discs.

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