3,000 New 4K Cinema Screens to be Launched in India over the next 3 years

by on November 4, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – November 4, 2014

Digital media and entertainment company KSS (K Sera Sera) Ltd has set up a target of installing roughly 3,000 new movie theater cinema screens throughout India over the next three years. In aiming for this goal, they’ve partnered up with electronics giant and 4K projector pioneer Sony Corporation to bring the company’s technology to movie-going audiences.

The plan is part of a wider effort by KSS and Sony to introduce consumers in India to not only the 4K cinema viewing experience but to 4K resolution technology in general.

According to a recent statement released by KSS, “KSS has always focused o providing the best technology and innovation in cinema. With this partnership with Sony, KSS aims to provide Indians a never before experience of cinema through 4K technology.”

These are the promises of KSS Digital Cinema Private Limited CEO Vineeta Dwivendi.

Dwivendi also claimed that the company would be investing roughly 1.5 billion rupees, or 24.5 million U.S Dollars, over the next 18 months to bring 270 new Sony cinema projection devices to theaters across India.

From there, further installation of more projectors will continue over the next three years.

With this plan, KSS will become the first company in the gigantic Indian market to enter the 4K public entertainment landscape and provide audiences with a movie theater experience that is considerably superior to that found with conventional Full HD projection screens.

The ultra HD projectors will be installed at various multiplexes and theaters across a number of larger Indian cities.

Sony 4K theater projector

Sony is providing the 4K projectors necessary for the project by KSS

This partnership with Sony will also let KSS increase its shareholder value thanks to the fees collected from individual installations in the theaters of cinema multiplex companies.

Currently, on the Indian market, the majority of multiplexes and theaters still use 3K projection technology with many older theaters also simply using Full HD 1080p projectors. 2K projection involves a minimal resolution of 2048 x 1080 pixels and creates a total pixel count of roughly 2.2 million pixels, slightly more than conventional Full HD.

While 2K projectors provide a decent grade of cinema picture quality, they don’t compare to what audiences will be able to enjoy with the new Sony 4K projectors, whose “Cinema Grade” 4096 x 2160 pixel resolution fills a movie theater screen with exactly 8 times the resolution of 2K at 8.8 million pixels.

While 4K projection is still extremely new to the Indian market, sales of ultra HD TVs are far from being a novelty.

Currently, several foreign electronics makers like Sony itself, Samsung and LG sell their UHD TVs on the Indian market and they are also joined by native Indian manufacturers like Videocon.

The development of 4K movie theater projection screens is also growing in numerous other major markets such as the U.S, Latin America, China and Europe.

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