LG’s and Sony’s Absolute Best Low-Priced 4K HDR TVs Are On Sale Right Now

by on November 23, 2017
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Stephan Jukic – November 23, 2017

Two of the truly outstanding 4K HDR TVs of 2017 in terms of BOTH sheer quality of specs and downright excellent pricing for what you get are the Sony X900E Bravia 4K HDR LCD television of Sony and LG’s single most affordable (but still totally awesome) B7 OLED HDR model. We’ve reviewed both of these models and written about their quality vs. price value proposition in several of our major TV guides and can’t recommend them enough to our readers.

Sony X900E 4K HDR TV Review

Now for the pre-Black Friday sales momentum, both of these 4K HDR TVs are getting their prices discounted even further to hit truly new low cost levels for the end of the year. Completely new Name Brand 4K TVs of the high quality in both of these models simply haven’t gotten this cheap at any previous point that we’ve yet seen in the entire year so far.

All size editions of both the Sony XBR X900E LCD HDR 4K TV models are being discounted by at least $100 and as much as $300 right now on Amazon leading up to Black Friday and for the LG B7 OLED the same applies to both of its sizes, with discounts of between $100 and $300. This is about as good as it gets and about as cheap as these two televisions are likely to get for the rest of 2017. Thus, beating the Black Friday Rush itself by getting them online right before the big day is one sound idea if premium HDR and 4K are what you’re already looking for.

What makes the LG B7 and Sony X900E so particularly excellent though? Well, most of all it’s the simple fact that both models offer nearly the same practical high level of ultra-premium display/general TV performance as their much more expensive cousins in each respective brand, but cost only a fraction as much.

The X900E from Sony is the single best mid-range 4K HDR LCD TV we’ve reviewed all year and its picture brightness, high dynamic range support, motion handling, sheer contrast capabilities and color rendering are all very nearly as good as those of the much more expensive X930E or X940E premium cousins. It’s also one hell of a 4K HDR gaming TV with great input lag on all Xbox or PS4  console resolution formats. This is one of our top rated 4K TVs for the year.

Sony X900E 4K TV on sale

Check the Sony X900E 4K Ultra HD HDR TV (2017 Model) on Amazon

4.7 – 4 Reviews

Sony XBR-X900E 4K HDR LCD TV 49″ – $897.99 – Down by $100
Sony XBR-X900E 4K HDR LCD TV 55″ – $997.99 – Down by $200
Sony XBR-X900E 4K HDR LCD TV 65″ – $1497.99 – Down by $300

As for the LG B7 OLED, it’s the single most affordable OLED 4K HDR TV there is for this year and, interestingly, the model with the highest levels of peak brightness of any OLED we’ve ever reviewed so far. It gets more luminous than most LCD HDR TVs and that’s downright impressive. What’s possibly even more impressive however is that the B7 delivers the EXACT same level of unbeatable OLED TV picture performance as its absolute most expensive LG OLED cousins, the E7, G7 and the bizarre looking flagship W7 4K HDR OLED TVs. It however costs only a small fraction of what these editions do. This little secret of LG OLED television display uniformity makes the B7 one truly excellent steal of a TV even without its current pre-Black Friday discounts.

LG OLED B7 4K HDR TVon sale

Check the LG B7 4K Ultra HD HDR OLED TV (2017 Model) on Amazon

4.7 – 4 Reviews

LG B7 OLED 4K UHD HDR TV 55″ – $1496.99 – Down by $100
LG B7 OLED 4K UHD HDR TV 65″ – $2296.99 – Down by $300

Seriously, these models are both worth a good, hard serious look right now for those of you who were looking for a high quality, cutting edge 4K HDR television for the holidays.

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