Samsung U28D590D Display 4k Monitor Review: Great Screen at a Great Price

by on April 15, 2014

One of the best manufacturers of 4K TVs on the market, Samsung has also introduced this fantastic display monitor onto the 4K display screen market and done so at a surprisingly low price. At $500, the U28D590D is at least $300 dollars cheaper than most of the monitor screens coming out this years but still stays in keeping with typical Samsung 4k monitor quality.

The Good

The UD590D is a 28 inch desktop display screen that will knock your socks off with its crystal clear display quality. Fully 4K capable and showing a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, it gives any computer you use a brand new ultra high resolution screen clarity in no time.

The UD590 can be connected to your PC via HDMI or DisplayPort, offers a 1-millisecond grey-to-grey response rate, support for 1 billion colors and gives you excellent LED backlighting. Its display features Picture-in-Picture 2.0 connectivity and offers angles for 170 and 160 degree viewing. It is an excellent monitor for watching Netflix, Amazon and other movies at 4k resolution.

Furthermore, the screen can upscale any regular HD and low resolution content into full UHD clarity.

The Bad

Since this is a Samsung brand 4K monitor, there are really only a few not too major things that are worth mentioning. For one thing, the viewing angles aren’t as wide as those offered by screens that use IPS and LPS design. Additionally, the T form stand that supports the display is just for show and doesn’t feature a sound bar or any built-in speaker systems.

Interestingly, Samsung is oddly quiet about the U590s refresh rate, which is an important spec for 4K display monitors.

Final Thoughts

Considering that this is a 4K display monitor from Samsung, it really does offer excellent value and powerful features for its price tag. Definitely a worthwhile purchase.

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Samsung U28D590D Specs
• Weight: 12.5 pounds
• Dimensions: 19.1” x 26.3” x 2.5 inches
• Screen size: 28 inches, measured diagonally
• Response Time: 1 millisecond
• Colors: 1 billion
• Brightness: 370cd/m2
• Refresh Rate: unknown
• Screen Lighting: LED Backlighting
• Resolution: 3,840 x 2,160 pixeles UHD
• OS Compatibility: Mac, Windows
• Connectivity Ports: 2 HDM1 ports, 1 display port, 1 headphone port, Speakers: none


To start off on the highlights, let’s mention the Picture In Picture 2.0 feature of the U590. This neat little characteristic lets you connect two different computers to the same monitor and split your screen so it displays for each machine. However, the PIP feature only allows native resolution viewing when in split screen. Thanks to PIP, you can multitask on your computer by having one screen portion display one entirely distinct body of content from the other while you move between both easily.

Another highlight of the U590 is its resolution upscaling capacity, letting you take any sort of conventional HD content and even low resolution video and amplify their clarity to Ultra HD levels.

Other cool and useful features of the U590 include embedded functions for eco saving mode, MagicAngle --which lets you create an optimum viewing experience from any angle of observation, off timer, image sizing and the MagicBright3 feature, which improves screen brightness overall.

Finally, the highly minimalist design of the U590 ensures that your screen takes up the maximum possible percentage of the entire display monitor. No thick metal edges or distracting parts are really visible and the majority of what you see is your 4K screen itself.

Visual Specs

The visual specs of the Samsung U590 are varied and excellent. To list off the essentials, the screen gives you Ultra High Definition 4K resolution at 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. Its refresh rate is still unknown but the 1 millisecond response time, 1 billion colors support and superb 370cd/m2 brightness all work together to create a truly beautiful visual display.

Furthermore, thanks to the screen’s Game Mode feature, you can create the best possible visual experience for your video and computer games by having their color and contrast settings automatically adjusted to create the best possible image quality.

Playing games or content with high intensity action and fast movement on the U590 is an experience that won’t leave you looking at disjointed visuals and blurring thanks to the above features.


Connectivity features on the U590 are very comprehensive as far as a 4K display monitor goes. In typical Samsung fashion, the company gives good specs even on what is a lower cost 4K monitor. As we’ve already covered under specs, the Display includes 2 HDMI ports and one Display Port. Unfortunately the HDMI ports are only HDMI 1.4 compliant and the Display Port is a 1.2 but both are built to support full UHD and 30Hz and 60Hz rendering respectively.

Because of the double HMDI ports and the Screens Picture-In-Picture functionality, you can connect both your computer and a gaming console to the screen at the same time and jump between them without having to unplug either device all the time.


At $500 dollars, the Samsung U28D590D Display Monitor is decidedly cheap for a good sized 4K Computer/gaming screen on the market right now. Other brands can cost $1000 dollars or more and deliver picture quality that is basically identical. This monitor is currently the "best bang for the buck."

Check the Price of Samsung U28D590D on Amazon:

Not so Great

There aren’t many not so great features about the U590. However, the lack of HDMI 2.0 compatibility in its HDMI ports is one issue that should be considered a turn off. Furthermore, the 30Hz refresh rate of the HDMI is a bit weak for solid rendering of video content from another connected device. Also, the monitor doesn’t contain any built-in speakers even though some other name brand 4K screens do.

Finally, the U590 could use a better viewing angle design that incorporates IPS or LPS technology.


• Awesome 4K/UHD picture quality
• Renders regular HD superbly
• Full HDMI and Display connectivity
• Sleek elegant screen design
• PIP 2.0 gives you access to split screens for multiple devices
• Great size for a desktop monitor
• 1 millisecond response time
• Support for 1 billion colors


• Could use the more modern HDMI 2.0 ports
• Lack of built-in speakers
• Low HDMI refresh rate
• 4K monitors will continue to get cheaper

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Bottom Line

The bottom line as far as the U590 is concerned is that this is a great 4K monitor for any gaming, video watching and computer work needs you might conceivably have. There are better, more feature rich and possibly visually clearer monitors out there but they’re also more expensive than this.

If you want a 4K monitor that works well at its job but you also don’t want to spend too much on buying one, then the U590 is your best bet for now.

Check the Price of Samsung U28D590D on Amazon:

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