A Review of the Dell 4K UltraSharp UP2414Q 23.8-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor

by on July 12, 2015

4K monitors from Dell seem to come in two extremes, at least as far as anything with the name “Ultrasharp” is concerned. On the one hand we have the Dell UP2715K Ultrasharp monitor with its 27 inch screen and massive 5K resolution and on the other hand we have this little gem we’re reviewing here, the UP2414Q, which comes with nothing more than ordinary 4K UHD resolution and a mere 24 inches of screen space.

Nonetheless, despite these “ordinary” specs, the UP2414Q is no slouch of a display monitor and the value it provides for its more or less decent price is quite good. At the very least, despite already being a bit old for a 4K monitor, the UP2414Q still comes with a decent set of specs for a variety of uses.

However, while the UP2414Q was much more expensive and closer to the top of the line when it first came out in mid-2014, more than a few other models of 4K monitor have by now outdone some of this particular display’s better features.

The Good

Dell really put the focus on display quality in the UP2414Q and because of this the main positive points of this display revolve around its visuals. For starters, even the small 24 inch screen serves a useful purpose here: when you pack 4K worth of pixels into such a relatively small space, the pixel density caused by all 8.2 million of them goes way up and the end result is not visible pixel structure. Instead, you get a smooth, lifelike image texture.

But because color is also a crucial factor in maintaining realism and display accuracy, the UP2414Q focused heavily on color gamut coverage. Thus, Dell made sure that this little (by 4K monitor standards) display offers not just high sRGB coverage but also Adobe RGB coverage as well. It is in effect a wide-gamut monitor with maximal color saturation for its price and grade.

Furthermore, both connectivity and physical design in the UP2414Q are either decent or great. The monitor offers what for 2014 was great connectivity and even now in 2015 is really good connectivity in the form of dual DisplayPort 1.2 connections, an HDMI 1.4 port and several USB slots. Newer monitors also increasingly include HDMI 2.0 but we can’t blame Dell for missing this in 2014.

As far as the physical design of this particular UltraSharp goes, you get a monitor that’s actually pretty cool looking, with a slightly shiny silver over black look and a fully adjustable stand. The UP2414Q can also be VES mounted to walls and other objects if necessary.

Finally, as a 4K ultraSharp, the UP2414Q is Mac OSX compatible and this is a wonderful bonus for lovers of Apple’s computing ecosystem who also want a 4K screen on their Macs –none of which come with native 4K displays (except the 5K iMac).

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The Bad

The UltraSharp UP2414Q is a good monitor but it certainly comes with its share of flaws and deficiencies. For starters, there is a slight problem with edge bleeding when the screen is trying to show uniform dark. This may not appear in all models but it’s something we’ve certainly seen in a UP2414Q unit before.

Secondly, the response time on this IPS display is definitely not a gamer’s ideal. At 8 ms grey-to-grey, it might cause the kind of control-to-screen-movement lag that some fast action games don’t respond smoothly to. In general, IPS, while great for color reproduction and off-angle viewing, works a bit less than the more affordable TN technology for gaming PCs, especially when it comes to 4K resolution and its larger data loads to refresh. Thus, the lag time on the UP2414Q has also been measured at a pretty slow 27 milliseconds, again, not a gamer friendly ideal.

Finally, there is the 24 inch screen on the UP2414Q. This sin’t necessarily a flaw and as we mentioned above, it creates some excellent pixel density for much smoother texture but some users, particularly those who want lots of space for graphic design editing, might find the 24 inch display to be fairly cramped. This is a bit of a shame too because for its price, the UltraSharp UP2414Q offers what is still some of the best color vibrancy and other visual specs on the market right now. Of course, Dell has also made other, larger UltrSharp 4K displays with the same visual specs qualities but they’re also considerably more expensive than the UP2414Q

Final Thoughts

The Dell UltraSharp UP2414Q is a 4K monitor that we can certainly recommend due to its superb visual specs and color range alone. It may not be the newest in the existing landscape of 4K PC displays but for its price it offers some very, very good color reproduction, enough for even visual project professionals to appreciate. For gaming, the UP2414Q is probably not the best choice out there however.


Weight: 22.05 lbs with stand, 10.58 lbs without stand
Dimensions: (WxHxD): 22.40" x 14.61" x 7.56" inches with stand/ 22.40" x 13.33" x 2.22" without stand
Screen size: 23.8" inches, measured diagonally
Screen type: IPS
Contrast ratio: 1000:1
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Colors: 1.07 billion (8-bit with AFRC tech)
Brightness: 350 cd/m2
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
Screen Lighting: LED
Response time: 8 ms grey-to-grey
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
OS Compatibility: Windows, OSX
Connectivity Ports: 1 x HDMI 1.4, 2 x DisplayPort 1.2 (one mini DisplayPort), 4 x USB 3.0 (1 upstream) 2, Headphone out


The UltraSharp UP2414Q is really about its visual specs and this is where its highlights lie too. For starters, as we’d mentioned previously, the 24 inch screen is thus a highlight of its own, oddly. While yes, it is smaller than average for a 4K monitor and thus not quite so roomy for design and visual work, it does offer a superb pixel density for maximal image smoothness. In this monitor, you’d have to really lean in close to note any pixelation.

Furthermore, the fact that this is an IPS display means excellent color rendering out of principle, aside from the additional augmentations that Dell added in for this specific model. What the IPS also guarantees is a great range of viewing angles. Unlike TN monitors, which are more commonly used for 4K gaming displays, the UP2414Q offers relatively clear off-angle viewing to as many as 178 vertical and 178 horizontal degrees.

Next, and we’ll go into this in more detail under visual specs, but the color saturation, color fine tuning features and color palette adjustment features of the UP2414Q are all truly excellent. The monitor lets you enjoy extremely high sRGB and Adobe RGB color range while also delivering an excellent Delta E of accuracy. On top of this, the color depth is superb thanks to frame rate control built into what would be an otherwise limited 8-bit color spec.

Finally, we should also briefly mention that the stand for this UltraSharp is fully adjustable. Tilt, swivel, pivot, height and display mode can all be changed very flexibly for all sorts of specific situations. This isn’t exactly a WOW! Feature but a surprising number of 4K monitors continue to emerge with annoyingly rigid stands, even in 2015!

Visual Specs

The visual performance of the Dell UP2414Q truly is top notch, even now, over a year after it first went on sale, and this is a great reason for buying one of these monitors despite some newer, cheaper monitors with better connectivity that are now emerging on sale. This particular UltraSharp offers superb highlight and shadow details due to the panels excellent greyscale performance and can even manage to render every shade of grey on the DisplayMate 64-step greyscale test, as tests have shown.

Furthermore, color accuracy is also bloody excellent in the UP2414Q. Blue, green and red colors align wonderfully with their peak CIE coordinates and their uniformity along with saturation are both superb. What adds to the vibrancy of these colors even more is the very nice black produced by the monitor’s solid contrast ratio and background.

In essence, the UP2414Q offers a solid 100% sRGB coverage and also manages to deliver an excellent 98 to 99% AdobeRGB color range. Because of these features, you get a Delta-E of just 2 or less, an excellent spec to see in a 4K display. We should also mention that what makes the UP2414Q’s high AdobeRGB range possible despite the monitor only having 8-bit color is the fact that it uses GB-r-LED technology originally developed by LG. This innovation means that the LEDs in the UP2414Q aren’t your typical white LEDs as found in the majority of 4K monitors. Instead, they consist of both green and blue diodes coated with a red phosphor, resulting in much more even spectral peaks for the three primary colors.

In other words, the backlight itself is more natively even in its color output, instead of depending on adjustment by the monitor’s internal software. This creates a far more accurate, diverse and even color output. This technology is in fact part of the reason why the UP2414Q emerged as such an expensive monitor and still costs more than you’d expect for its size.

Finally, the 4K display of the UP2414Q comes with an 8ms grey-to-grey response time. This sin’t great for gamers but for the visual design types who might be interested in this model, the 8ms won’t matter at all.


As for connectivity, there isn’t much to say about the UltraSharp UP2414Q other than that it delivers pretty much everything you really need to keep the video content and even games flowing in 4K at a smooth refresh rate. The DisplayPort 1.2 and mini DisplayPort 1.2 slots give access to 4K UHD content at 60Hz, the HDMI 1.4 port is good for connecting a few devices at a much slower 30Hz in 4K and the four USB 3.0 ports are a great bonus for connecting external devices and charging them. However, putting these 4 USB slots along the bottom of the monitor is annoying. Dell’s designers should have kept convenience in mind and done a side-screen installation.

Finally, HDMI 2.0 would have been nice but since it wasn’t a thing for 4K PC monitor in mid 2014, no blame can really go to Dell on this front.


The Dell UltraSharp UP2414Q used to sell for over $1000 USD when it first went on sale in early 2014. Now it has dropped a lot in price to just $599.99 on We think this is still a slightly stiff price at this point but the excellent visual specs of this model do sort of justify it.

Check the Price of the Dell UltraSharp UP2414Q 23.8-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor on Amazon:

3.3 - 69 Reviews

Not so Great

To summarize quickly, the UP2414Q is not a gaming monitor with its IPS display and crappy response time. Furthermore, some models have been shown to deliver light bleed along their edges when the screen is supposed to be uniformly dark. Finally, the 24 inch screen, though a benefit in pixel density terms, also does mean a small working space for a monitor so well built for visual design work.


• Superb color saturation and most other visual specs
• Decent price
• Great pixel density
• Elegant, flexible design with VESA
• High AdobeRGB coverage


• A bit on the expensive side, just a tiny bit
• No HDMI 2.0
• Slow g-to-g response time
• Screen small for some uses

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Bottom Line

The UltraSharp UP2414Q remains an excellent 4K monitor in terms of its superb visual specs. It's a bit small on screen space but we still recommend it.

Check the Price of the Dell UltraSharp UP2414Q 23.8-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor on Amazon:

3.3 - 69 Reviews

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