A Review of the AEE S71 Outdoor Edition Sports Video Camera with 4K and HD video

by on May 9, 2015

Action cameras have been around but their 4K ultra HD counterparts are a relatively new addition to the mix and offer a wonderful mix of the hardy toughness of conventional outdoor activity cameras combined with the exquisite capacity to film your sports and outdoor adventures in full 4K ultra HD resolution at a decent frame rate.

This is what the AEE S71 Outdoor Edition Sports video camera offers to its users and although its nowhere near as popular or well known as the GoPro Hero line of 4K action cameras, it does deliver the goods from inside a tough, rugged external case that’s built to endure plenty of dust, grit, bumps and water splash that you might end up putting it through as you use it.

The Good

The AEE S71 Outdoor Edition Sports video camera offers a robust package that comes with no shortage of good features which make it not only compare well with the GoPro Her 3 or 4 but also actually make it a possibly superior 4K action camera to others such as Sony’s X1000V and Panasonic’s HX-A500 in certain ways.

For starters, the AEE S71 offers a 16 megapixel 10 frame per second burst shooting capacity that lets you capture wonderful, surprisingly fluid sequences of fast action photos which are perfect for stunt moves and sudden flourishes of motion. On top of this there are the 16 million pixels of the photo camera and the 120 frame speed shooting capacity that comes with video in 720p HD. Great for viewing or reviewing your photos/images on your 4k television.

Additionally, in the area of its 4K and HD video capture abilities, the AEE S71 can deliver ultra HD 4K (3840 X 2160 pixels) at a modest but decent 15 frames per second, Cinema 4K shooting (4096 x 2160 pixels) at a somewhat useful 12 frames per second and 1080p Full HD video at a robust 60 fps.

The AEE S71 also allows you to capture video in 960p HD at 60 frames per second and offers 720p HD at 120 fps.

A number of other features include WiFi connectivity, remote control capacity, a 12x digital zoom and an extendible wireless transmitter.

In terms of toughness –since this is after all an action camera- the AEE S71 is solid at enduring water down to a remarkable depth of 300 feet, can endure both extremes of heat and cold to a range between -10 degrees and 50 degrees Celsius and operates in even the extremely high 80%+ humidity of tropical and subtropical conditions.

Finally, its external case is as hardy as they come and compares favorably with what you’ll get in a GoPro Hero camera. This means that bumps, impacts and random scratches aren’t likely to damage the AEE S71 or interrupt its video shooting capacity.

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The Bad

To be honest, the AEE S71 Outdoor Edition isn’t at all a bad camera as it stands. It can almost be compared to the GoPro Hero 3 in terms of overall quality and its rugged body conceals a fine set of internal specs. However, there are a few things that bear mentioning as what we could call “deficiencies”.

For starters, there’s the whole problem of getting your hands on accessories and add-ons for the AEE S71. While you could certainly order them from the manufacturer themselves or from Amazon, walking into a camera store or shopping online with providers who lack Amazon’s weight will possibly cause accessory access problems. Why? Because the AEE S71 simply isn’t nearly as well known as the GoPro line of 4K action cameras and thus its additional parts are rarer on the shelves. So bear this in mind.

Finally, we really need to point out that the frame rates for 4K on the AEE S71 could definitely be better. Yes, the camera does cost at least a couple hundred dollars less than the GoPro Hero 4, which offers 4K at a very respectable 30 frames per second but offering ultra HD 4K and cinema grade 4K (4096 X 2160 pixels) at just 15 and 12 fps respectively is a bit underdone for a newer model 4K camera of any kind.

Final Thoughts

While you’re probably better off with the GoPro Hero 4 (if your budget isn’t too limited) in terms of overall quality, ease of buying accessories and add-ons and features, the AEE S71 Outdoor Edition is by no means a bad camera for its price. It delivers the goods and does so at a very reasonable cost.


•Camera Type: 4K action camera
•Video Resolution: 4K ultra HD (3840 X 2160 pixels) and Cinema Grade 4K (4096 X 2160 pixels) 2.7K Cinema/24fps, 2.7K/30fps
•Photo Resolution: 16 Megapixel
•Sensor Type: 1/2.3" CMOS sensor
•File Formats: MP4
•Memory Card: microSD
•Image Stabilization: No
•Connectivity: WiFi
•Digital Zoom: 12X
•Screen Size: 2 inches on detachable display
•Max Frame Rate: 120 fps (in 720p HD)
•Focus Modes: Auto


The AEE S71 Outdoor Edition 4K comes with a fairly robust package of accessories that are included in the original box. Aside from the camera itself, you also get your hands on the following items:

2. TFT display
3. Remote Control
4. Water-proof housing
5. Lithium-ion battery
6. Back clip
7. Plug bracket unit
8. USB cable
9. Hand strap
10. CD-ROM
11. User manual
12. 16G TF card

As you can see, the manufacturer doesn’t shirk on stocking their camera with a fairly well selected array of extras. Particularly useful are the water-proof housing, which is essential to the camera’s more hardcore outdoor video shooting functions, and the remote control for special shooting situations.


As far as highlights go, the AEE S71 has quite a bit to offer even if it’s also somewhat limited in certain aspects of its design.

For starters, while the 4K ultra HD video shooting capacity of the camera is less than ideal with its low frame rates, the AEE S71 does at least offer 4K video in two different formats, the more conventional ultra HD 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and the even clearer Cinema 4K resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels. This is something of a unique feature among 4K action cameras and does a bit to set this particular model apart.

Next up, there is the hardiness of the AEE S71. While the GoPro Hero cameras are probably tougher all around, this camera does give them a run for their money and almost definitely beats out Sony’s X1000V and Panasonic’s HX-A500 in terms of overall resistance to rough conditions.

The AEE S7 is water resistant down to a whopping 300 feet and can endure extremes of temperature that range between 10 degrees below zero and 50 degrees Celsius or more.

Furthermore, the remote control that comes with the machine includes a literal remote control and an Android/iOS app that you can use for multiple functionality under an array of shooting situations.

Finally, there is also the interesting fact that the AEE S71 is capable of a surprisingly (or not so surprisingly) good fit with a large percentage of GoPro mounts and poles. While it would be better if you could easily get your hands on the AEE S71 own native mounts and poles, this flexibility with GoPro brand versions comes in handy in a pinch.

Overall Performance

The general performance of the AEE S71 isn’t anything to laugh at. The camera features a ½.3” COMOS sensor that lets you capture 16 megapixel photos individually in standard mode, in timer delay mode or in a rapid sequence of shots at 10 frames per second.

Aside from this, there is the ability to shoot 4K video in two different formats as mentioned above at either 12 or 15 fps, depending on format. Beyond this, you also have the options of shooting 2K and 2.7K video at 30fps and 24fps respectively, capturing video in Full HD at 60 or 30 frames per second and capturing 720p HD video at a very decent (though not extraordinary) 120 and 60 fps.

The built-in lens of the AEE S71 comes with an f/2.7 aperture and also lets you shoot fairly expansive photos or videos at a 147 degree wide angle. Additionally, you can zoom in by up to 10x of magnification, which is great for certain types of still photos.

Finally, the AEE S71 weighs in at a very light two ounces without its detachable display and is quite compact in having a height of just 2 inches. This means that mounting it to a helmet, skateboard, surfboard or a whole range of other objects isn’t going to be a complete chore and the included quick-release, pivot joint and adhesive mounts offer a lot of flexibility.


We’ve already covered many of the AEE S71 4K’s features throughout these sections but a few more things are worth mentioning.

First of all there is the built-in microphone and speaker combo that also supports external mic recording through a mini USB port, both of these are crucial for a lot of the indoor or outdoor video shooting you’re going to use the AEE S71 for.

Additionally, the S71 comes with a detachable 2 inch TFT color display that can mount up to the front of the device and lets you watch live video of your recordings for better editing of action.

On top of these features, we should also mention the WiFi connectivity that gives you a 350 foot range of wireless remote control via an application in either iOS or Android or via the camera’s own remote control. This same remote control app also lets you do video and photo review as well as basic editing functionality whose changes can be saved remotely to an optional microSD card inside the camera itself.

Finally, the in-the-box waterproof housing that comes with the camera gives you water resistance down to a depth of 32 feet and space for an optional extended battery, while a second outer casing that’s sold separately can also be bought for as many as 300 feet of water resistance.

Image Quality and Resolution

As we’ve already covered, the still images that the AEE S71 captures can be shot at either 8, 12 or 16 megapixels and can even be grabbed in a rapid burst shooting mode that lets you capture still shots at a rate of 10 fps at 16 megapixels with up to 10x of zoom

As far as the video capabilities of the AEE S71 go, it captures movies in MP4 format in 4K UHD, 4K Cinema, 2.7K Cinema, 2.7K, 1080p Full HD, 960p and 720p HD at respective maximum frame rates of 12, 15, 30, 60 and 120 frames per second.


One of the more attractive features about the AEE S71 Outdoor edition 4K action camera is its price tag. This model is at least a couple of hundred dollars cheaper than the GoPro Hero 3 or 4 cameras while offering a surprisingly similar amount of features, specs and durability. Currently, the AEE S71 is retailing on for just $299.99.

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4.1 - 10 Reviews

The Not So Great

As we’d already covered, some of the downsides to the AEE S71 include its rather low frame rates for the two 4K formats that the camera is capable of. At 12 and 15 fps, neither is particularly attractive and these forts of frame rates are only good for some pretty basic 4K video shooting.

Furthermore, because the AEE S71 isn’t nearly as widely sold or popular as the GoPro Hero cameras which it resembles most closely, buying spare parts and extras for it can get a bit tricky in some circumstances.


• Tough, durable camera
• Great water resistance
• Multiple HD and UHD video formats
• Great for still shots with lots of megapixels
• Lots of in-the-box accessories
• Remote control application
• Wide WiFi coverage


• Extra parts might be scarce
• Low frame rate in 4K formats

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Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the AEE S71 Outdoor Edition Sports video camera has a lot to offer at a very attractive price but if you’re in the mood for a more serious 4K action camera, you’re probably better off with the GoPro Hero 4, even though it’s more expensive. Check out our reviews of the the most popular products before you buy 4k camera.

Check the Price of AEE S71 Outdoor Edition Sports 4K Video Camera on Amazon:

4.1 - 10 Reviews

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  • Uma chaduvula
    October 16, 2015 at 8:58 am


    I want to use Go pro hero4 in a region with temperature around 57 degree Celsius continously for minimum 10 hours.
    Can i use this?
    Can u suggeat any casing for it otherwise?



    • Stephen
      October 16, 2015 at 2:12 pm

      Hello Uma, generally, the Hero 4 works best at a moderate temperature range and while it can continue shooting at high atmospheric temperature, there is a risk of spontaneous automatic shutdown if your air temperature goes above 51 degrees celsius… This is much likelier to happen if you’re all the way up at 57 degrees and shooting for a long stretch of time (The camera will not continuously shoot for anywhere near 10 hours even on HD and much less at 4K resolution, even in normal conditions due to battery drain).

      As for a case that helps fight temperature, it’s value will be limited at something as extreme as 57 degrees C but there is an included skeleton hard case which comes included with the Hero 4.


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